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In the world of dirt bikes, even the smoothest rides feature plenty of bumps, jolts, jump landings and other hard impacts. A good dirt bike suspension that absorbs those impacts and stands up to the pounding will keep you running strong ride after ride. Rather than use shoddy parts that could fall apart in the middle of the whoops, trust quality aftermarket dirt bike suspension parts from Dennis Kirk. We have dirt bike swingarms, chain guides, linkage rebuild kits and other components to reduce shake, rattle and roll in any conditions.

The swingarm and linkage are the most crucial part of a dirt bike’s rear suspension, and they take the most abuse as well. Our dirt bike swingarms are designed for maximum shock absorption with minimal wear and tear. Even the strongest swingarms need regular maintenance due to wear and rust, and a Pivot Works swingarm bearing kit contains the hardware to restore suspension control and handling. Dirt bike linkage arms from Devol Racing or Pro Circuit allow you to customize your rear suspension action, and a linkage rebuild kit will restore your worn-out bearings.

Your rear suspension will last even longer with a dirt bike chain slider that keeps your swingarm from rubbing against the drive chain – and the chain will always run smoothly onto the rear sprocket with a long-lasting dirt bike chain guide. You can also order aircraft-quality shock springs, dirt bike shock rebuild kits, shock seal head kits and more. Just enter your dirt bike’s year, make and model into our fitment tool to find the suspension parts that will give you the right levels of travel, action and durability.

Dennis Kirk has been in the powersports industry for nearly 50 years, and stands behind all the parts we sell. Not only do we actually stock every dirt bike part listed on our site, but we’re also available every day by email or phone for technical and ordering assistance. We also keep our prices low so everyone can afford quality suspension performance, and ship all orders over $89 for free the same day so you can install them as soon as possible.