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If you have just bought a new or used dirt bike, one of the first things you should do is check to see that it has a good skid plate. Mounted underneath the bike, skid plates are designed to protect the bottom of the engine and the frame. Because of the rough riding dirt bikes get, a first-rate skid plate is essential. It will protect you while sliding over logs, grinding over rocks and putting your bike to all the other tests you will take with it.

At Dennis Kirk, we offer hundreds of dirt bike skid plates, guards and accessories to suit just about any rider, bike and conditions. Whether you need to upgrade a substandard skid plate, replace a worn or damaged part or install one on a bike that lacks one, a skid plate is an investment that will pay you back many times over in the costly damage obstructions and debris can cause your engine and frame. The right skid plate can protect crucial parts like water pumps. It can not only save you money. It can save you a long wait or walk if you damage an important part far from the nearest paved road.

We carry skid plates specifically designed for racing as well as skid plates made for casual everyday off-road use. You can choose between materials including carbon fiber and aluminum. Some riders like aluminum and other metal skid plates better because they think they offer superior protection. Others prefer to go with plastic and carbon fiber skid plates because they are lighter. The heavy-duty carbon fiber skid plates certainly can provide good protection too, but the choice is up to you.

In addition to skid plates, Dennis Kirk carries a variety of guards designed to protect specific parts of your engine These include radiator guards, brake guards and oil line guards. Of course, we also carry all the parts and hardware, like clamps and bolts, to help you with installation.