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Castle X Snowmobile Gear For All

Posted on 12 Jan 2015 in Snowmobile | 0 comments

Castle X snowmobile gear is race inspired and race proven.  For years, Castle jackets have been a mainstay on the Snocross scene.  Both fans and racers choose Castle X gear not only because it looks great, but because it flat out performs on the sled.  Castle has so many great options to meet the needs of every rider no matter what level they are at.  From the most seasoned and aggressive rider, to the casual rider who’s just starting out, Castle snowmobile gear will have you covered.

Castle X Gear


Castle X jackets are almost always instantly recognizable.  They have been making trail and Snocross jackets for a long time now and have grown to be incredibly popular.  Having been around so long, Castle has nailed down the cut and fit to cater perfectly to the trail and Snocross rider.  They have also made it so there are jackets that will appeal to just about everyone with options in every price range that are available in a wide variety of graphics and styles.

The Charge Jacket is their top performer.  It is made with all of their top materials like the waterproof breathable Ven-Tex® 2.0 membrane, 3M™ Thinsulate™ Platinum insulation and a removable liner.  The Charge is perfect for any hardcore trail rider.  Next down the line is the Launch jacket, which also features a removable liner, but uses the regular Thinsulate™ insulation.  This option is perfect for the Snocross and aggressive riders.  The Bolt comes next and it is very similar to the Launch, but does not have a removable liner.  The Launch and Bolt come in a wide variety of graphics and colors and are a solid option for anyone who wants to look great on their sled.

The Blade is a more affordable option that is slightly more basic with a little less insulation, but is still a great choice for the casual rider.  For someone who is just dipping their toes into the snowmobile world, Castle has designed the Platform to be very affordable, yet will still provide the warmth and comfort needed on a snowmobile.

For your lower half, you have a great choice of Castle X snowmobile bibs and pants.  The Factor bibs are the absolute best option.  They are constructed to provide the best mobility and breathability.  The Factor bibs will stretch as you move and are also waterproof breathable.  They have a removable liner and vents to make them very versatile in all riding conditions.

Next down the line are the Fuel snowmobile pants.  These are designed with the active rider in mind.  They will not be quite as warm as the Factor bibs, but they will offer more mobility and protection.  The Fuel pants even have padding in the knees for a little extra protection.  The fact that they are a pant vs. a bib allows the rider to have a bit more mobility at the waist.  Removable suspenders are an option for the rider who would like them to be bit more secure.

The casual rider should look into the CR2 snowmobile bibs.  They are a more basic version of the previous two options put together.  These bibs are a good choice for anyone who wants all the coverage and warmth they need, but don’t need all of the extras built in.

Just like with their snowmobile jackets and bibs, Castle X also has a good variety of gloves to fit every rider’s needs.  All Castle X snowmobile gloves and mitts feature some sort of waterproof breathable technology to keep your hands dry and warm.  A special feature to look for in the higher options are the X-Touch Conductive Finger Tips™ which allow you to use your touch screen devices while still wearing the gloves.

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