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Gain Ultimate Control with ATV/UTV Power Steering Kits

Posted on 10 Apr 2018 in Powersports | 0 comments

Power steering on an ATV or UTV may not be a feature that you think is a ‘must have’.  And for a lot of riders it isn’t a must.  But power steering is for sure something that can make your rides a lot more pleasurable and less tiring. The fact that many new wheelers now offer electronic power steering as an option is proof enough that it can improve your riding.  Understandably so, though, the box for EPS on the order form often goes unchecked in an effort to save some dollars on a new machine.  You’ve been riding without it for so many years already, so why get it now?  You’ll find the answer to that the first time you ride someone else’s machine that is […]

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Level Up Your Harley With S&S Performance Kits

Posted on 09 Feb 2018 in Powersports | 1 comment

Who doesn’t love performance.  We love to talk about it and we love the way it feels when we twist the throttle.  But not everyone knows where to start in order to maximize the performance of their machine.  Knowing what parts to get and what adjustments to make can be a challenge. Many riders start with a Stage 1 upgrade, which is a great first step.  But what if you want more than that?  The next step is a Stage 2 upgrade consisting of swapping cams along with doing the Stage 1 upgrade.  This step does require some internal work and in turn, you need to have a bit more confidence in your wrenching skills if you are to do it yourself.  If that is too much […]

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Pre-Season Snowmobile Maintenance

Posted on 08 Nov 2017 in Powersports, Snowmobile | 0 comments

With the first flakes flying around the Snowbelt, our favorite time of year is fast approaching.  The riding season will be here before you know it (hopefully) and you need to be ready to take advantage of the first solid snowfall.  That means, get out in the garage and get your sled ready to rip.  If you haven’t done it yet, now is the time to get all of your pre-season snowmobile maintenance done. Check out the list below and start ticking off boxes so your sled can be at its best for the season. Grease Everything A snowmobile is made up of a lot of moving parts.  And those parts need to be lubed and greased to be able to operate properly.  Fortunately, greasing the rear […]

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New Motorcycle Jackets for Fall Riding ‘17

Posted on 06 Oct 2017 in Powersports | 0 comments

Fall. Is there a better time of year to go riding? Of course, the changing foliage makes for some of the most scenic views. But the average temperatures are what really makes it great. You no longer have to melt your skin as you race from one stop to another to escape the summer sun. And you don’t have to weigh the consequences of choosing between breeze on your skin versus the protection of a motorcycle jacket. Fall is also when many brands drop new jackets, right in time for the great riding weather.   Here’s a look at some of the standouts from this fall’s class of fall cruiser jackets.   Icon 1000 Squalborn Jacket   The 1000 line of gear from Icon has become a […]

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Double The S&S Power for the Price of One

Posted on 18 Aug 2017 in Powersports | 0 comments

S&S Sturgis Special- Expires 8/31/2017 The 2017 Sturgis Rally may have ended last week, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t benefit from it.  Every year, many of the top aftermarket parts manufacturers set up specific deals just for the rally.  This year, the best one may be from S&S Cycle.  And the best part is that this sale is still going on until the end of the month. Through the end of the month (8/31/17), you can get a smoking deal on a Stage 1 upgrade.  When you buy their highly praised MK45 Slip-Ons, you will get the Stealth Air Cleaner Kit with it for FREE!  Check out the S&S Deals. The MK45 mufflers were introduced last year and have been standouts for Harley Touring bikes.  […]

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