Why Choose Shoei Helmets

Why Choose Shoei Helmets

It all started back in 1960 when the Japanese helmet manufacturer Shoei began producing motorcycle helmets.  They would grow to revolutionize the industry.  From day one, Shoei’s goal has been to produce premium motorcycle helmets and they continue to be at the top of the market today.  They have always been known for innovative designs, including their development of the world’s first vented motorcycle helmet, the first Carbon Fiber helmet and the first helmet to feature an injection-molded visor.

Being at the forefront of innovation is one thing, but backing it up with consistency and quality is another.  Shoei helmets are among the best because they take the time and resources to design, construct and test their helmets using the latest and greatest technologies to ensure that every helmet meets their own high standards.

Every piece of a Shoei motorcycle helmet is constructed with precision and care.  The end product is a complete helmet that performs amazing and is incredibly comfortable to wear.  Each and every Shoei helmet will pass through the hands of at least 50 skilled workers who are the best at their own specific job.  These workers use the most advanced materials and processes at every step.

When you put a helmet on, the first thing that you notice is the liner and padding.  For a helmet to be comfortable in the past, the padding needed to be thick.  While this made the helmet comfortable, it also required the shell of the helmet to be larger and the soft padding would make the helmet a bit unstable at higher speeds.  To be more aerodynamic, the helmet would need to have thin padding, but that would reduce the comfort.  With the advancement in polyurethane foam, Shoei is able to construct foam liners that are both thin and comfortable.  This allows them to make the overall size of the helmet smaller.

Shoei uses a very lightweight material construction for the shell of the helmet that they call AIM+.  This construction method allows there helmet to not only be very lightweight, but also incredibly strong and elastic.  The elasticity of an AIM+ helmet shell helps to direct the force of an impact throughout the whole shell and EPS liner instead of going directly through to the head.

Aerodynamics are incredibly important for a motorcycle helmet, and not just for maximum speed.  By being aerodynamically superior, a Shoei helmet will reduce the amount of stress that is put on your head and neck.  This will help prevent your neck muscles from getting tired and you will be able to ride comfortably for longer periods of time.

Shoei also takes an extraordinary amount of time and resources to develop the best possible ventilation.  A common thought is that the more airflow, the better.  While you do want good airflow, you also do not want it to affect the stability of the helmet.  Shoei uses their wind tunnel technology to find the perfect location for venting so that it does not affect the stability of the helmet.

Throughout the whole helmet construction process, workers are constantly checking each helmet to see if it meets their strict quality guidelines.  They then go a step further by taking sample helmets from each batch and subject them to rigorous testing until the helmet is destroyed to make sure that the helmets meet and exceed DOT and SNELL safety standards.  Shoei will go through more than 3,000 helmets in a year for testing purposes.

Shoei is confident in their construction techniques because they have the technology to back them up.  Every helmet is designed with the latest computer programs which are used by some of the most experienced designers.  Through this process, they are able to create helmets with safety, functionality and aesthetics in mind.

Wind tunnel testing has been a huge factor in developing motorcycle helmets for over 20 years now.  Shoei was the first manufacturer to take advantage of this technology and it has been a huge factor in their helmet designs since.  They use wind tunnel testing to optimize the helmet to improve the aerodynamics, ventilation and to reduce wind noise.

Of course, all of the testing in the world doesn’t equal actual rider feedback.  Shoei tests all of their helmets on various different motorcycles to ensure that they perform well in all different situations.  The test riders take them on long rides to make sure the helmets remain comfortable throughout the entire ride.  Shoei also gets feedback from some of the best riders in the world in street bike and off road racing.  No one demands more from their helmet than a professional racer.

That is just a peak into why Shoei motorcycle helmets are so superior.  They are a helmet that you can trust your life with and you will not have to sacrifice comfort and style to get just that.

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