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Cortech Leather Suits For Your Track Day

Posted on 22 Jan 2015 in Motorcycle, Powersports, Sport Bikes | 0 comments

Track days are growing in popularity as the word is getting out on how much fun they can be.  In the past, the thought of doing a track day was intimidating for many riders.  It still is for some, but the myths about riding on the tracks are slowly being dispelled every time a new comer leaves with a giant grin.  Riders are learning that you don’t need to be the best rider and racer to participate.  In fact, the track is a perfect place to hone your skills and become a better rider without ever having to race anyone.  With a few simple modifications to your bike and with the right gear, you can be ready to hit the track.

When you do a track day, you will almost inevitably push your bike further than you have before.  The adrenaline rush is just too much to resist.  That’s why you need the proper gear.  A full leather race suit is the best way to ensure your body’s safety if you happen to go down.  Cortech has two lines of full leathers to protect anyone on the track.  The Adrenaline suit is perfect for the serious track rider, while the Latigo suit is great for riders who are just getting into the activity.

Adrenaline One-Piece Suit

The Cortech Adrenaline leather suit is ready to be raced in as soon as you put it on.  You need to check this one out if you want a high performance suit for your track days, but don’t want to absolutely break the bank.  It was designed on the direct feedback from Cortech’s sponsored AMA Pro riders to ensure that it has all of the features that you would expect from a race suit.

Leather Racing Suit

The Adrenaline suit has a very seamless design, which is important for two reasons.  The first is that it will make the suit very comfortable to wear.  The second is that the suit will provide maximum protection with less areas to fail during a slide.  The main chassis is constructed with a 1.2-1.4mm top grade cowhide leather, which is perforated in key areas to keep you cool.  Stretch Kevlar® panels are used in the arms, inseam and calves to add mobility to the suit without sacrificing abrasion resistance.

To increase your aerodynamics, there is a hollowed out speed hump on the back.  The hump is also perforated and will drive a ton of air into the suit for cooling.  The Adrenaline suit has rotated sleeves and pre-curved legs to keep your body in the tucked riding position to help fight fatigue and also to keep your body tucked during a slide.  There are accordion-style expansion panels in the shoulders, elbows, waist, knees and calves to make it easier to move in the suit while still providing a tight fit.

All of the armor and protection that you need is included with the Adrenaline leathers.  In the shoulders, you will find level 2 CE-approved armor.  Level 1 rated armor can be found at the elbows and knees.  The armor in these areas is fully removable and adjustable with Velcro.  For additional protection, the suit has TPU molded stainless steel external armor located on the shoulders and elbows.  Knee sliders are also included so you can put your knee down in corners more confidently.

Latigo One-Piece Suit

If you are just getting into track day riding or just want better protection on the road but don’t want to make a huge investment, the Latigo is a great option.  Cortech has designed the Latigo Leather suit for riders who want the protection of the one-piece, but don’t need or want all of the bells and whistles of a full-blown racing suit.  The cut of the Latigo is also a bit more comfortable and relaxed compared to a more pure racing suit.

Leather Racing Suit

The Latigo leather suit certainly has a more forgiving cut and fit compared to the Adrenaline suit and other race style leathers.  Cortech did this intentionally to make the suit more comfortable for riders who plan on using it for regular street rides.  They also wanted the suit to be comfortable to walk around in when the rider was not on the bike.  The Latigo is more accommodating for a wide variety of body types.  In other words, it won’t be extremely skin tight and hard to breathe in.

The more comfortable fit doesn’t mean that the Latigo suit skimps on protection, though.  It is constructed with the same 1.2-1.4mm top grain leather that is used on the Adrenaline and will provide excellent abrasion resistance.  The shoulders, elbows and knees all have CE-approved armor for impact protection.  Knee sliders are also included for those of you who like to get your knee down in the corners.  The Latigo does not have the stainless steel external armor that the Adrenaline does, but it does have molded shoulder protectors that also act as vents.

The Latigo suit has the perforated aerodynamic speed hump on the back for additional venting and speed performance.  To increase the mobility of the suit, Cortech has incorporated heavy duty, 600D stretch nylon panels in the arms, inseam and calves.  Accordion expansion panels are strategically placed at the shoulders, elbows, waist and knees for even more flexibility in the suit, without sacrificing a performance fit.

Either of these Cortech leather suits would make for great leathers to keep you protected during a track day on your bike.  When you know that you are properly protected, you can ride more confidently and have the time of your life while you hone your skills.

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