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Ride Casual With Speed And Strength Hoodies & Shirts

Posted on 27 Jan 2015 in Motorcycle, Powersports | 0 comments

Casually styled riding gear has become a hot section of motorcycle apparel in the past few years.  From riding jeans and pants to armored hoodies and reinforced shirts, the selections are certainly growing.  Speed and Strength was one of the early adopters of casual looking motorcycle gear and now they have even more options with their Spring 2015 lineup.  Both men and women will have their choice of protective casual apparel that crosses a few different styles.


We’ve seen from Speed and Strength’s Fall release that they want to provide gear for all niches of riding.  Their armored hoodies speak to the street culture, while the armored and reinforced moto shirts are in vibe with the alternative custom bike scene.  Whatever crowd you ride in, Speed and Strength casual riding apparel will keep you protected, while giving you the casual look that you want.

Armored Hoodies

Everyone loves a good hoody.  They’re comfortable and they look good.  The only problem is that a normal hoody offers very little protection on a bike.  With that said, hoodies are a favorite for many riders, especially urban riders.  When you’re cruising around town, you don’t always want to throw on your normal gear, especially when you are stopping to hang out somewhere.  It’s just easier to have your casual apparel on.

Armored Hoody

That’s the brilliance of the Speed and Strength Armored Hoodies.  They come with a full kit of the removable Vault™ CE approved armor.  Your shoulders, elbows and spine will have the impact protection that they need for riding.  There are belt loops so you can hook the hoody up to your pants to prevent it from riding up your back in the wind.  The cuffs feature thumb holes to keep the sleeves in place as well.  The inside is mesh to keep you cool and dry while riding.

A fair warning to riders- Because these armored hoodies are made with a cotton-poly blend, they are not meant to handle high speed slides.  The armor will protect you for the impact, but not for sliding.  These are meant to be worn at commuting speeds, where a long slide will not happen.  That being said, they are still a great option for around-town riding.

Armored Hoody

The options have definitely grown this year for Speed and Strength armored hoodies.  The first new addition is the We, The Fast hoody with the skull and wings logo on a black hoody with white flat lock-stitching.  Next up is the United By Speed hoody.  Speed and Strength offers this one in 5 different options to match your favorite factory colors.  The asymmetrical design with the one colored sleeve really makes this hoody stand out.  For the ladies, there is the American Beauty armored hoody.  The simple design looks great and the cut is perfect for the female shape.  The zippered gusset on the side allows for additional adjustability.

Womens Motorcycle Hoody

Armored/Reinforced Moto Shirts

There are two camps on plaid.  You either love it or you hate it.  There seems to be very little in between.  The custom bike scene has definitely seen an influx of it over the past few years and there certainly isn’t anything wrong with that.  If you happen to love it, continue on and check out the Speed and Strength armored and reinforced moto shirts.

At the apex of the Speed and Strength lineup of moto shirts is the Rust and Redemption Armored shirt.  This blue/orange plaid shirt comes with a full complement of removable Vault™ armor in the shoulders, elbows and spine.  The main chassis of the shirt is made with a cotton-poly blend fabric and the main impact zones of the shoulders and elbows are reinforced with Kevlar fiber thread to help the shirt hold together better in a slide.

Armored Shirt

The Black Nine reinforced moto shirt has all of the features that the Rust and Redemption does, but without the armor.  For both options, the main opening has the appearance of a normal plaid shirt with buttons, but behind them is a YKK zipper to completely seal up the opening.  The collar of the shirts snaps down to prevent it from flapping in the wind.  Unlike the Rust and Redemption shirt, the Black Nine is offered in three different color options.

Reinforced Moto Shirt

Once again, the ladies are not forgotten in this category.  The Smokin Aces moto shirt is reinforced like the mens shirts for added strength.  The cut of this shirt is very feminine and is not boxy, like some other options can be.  The Smokin Aces shirt is available in three different colors.

Moto Shirt

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