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Slydog Skis & Bogey Wheels Add Style+Performance

Posted on 19 Dec 2014 in Powersports, Snowmobile | 0 comments

For many aftermarket products, you have to choose between style and performance.  There are a few products out there that do both and Slydog snowmobile parts definitely fit the bill.  The eye-catching color schemes will get your onlookers to notice, but the performance gain is what’s really going to grip you.  Slydog skis will put your sled on rails and the bogey wheels will keep it running cool and light.

Slydog Skis Action

Riders are constantly struggling to find the right balance in their setup to get the best cornering ability without having the front end dart all over the place.  A common practice to get more front end response in corners is to adjust the ride height of the sled to add more ski pressure.  When you do this, the sled will respond and bite better, but you run the risk of the front end darting and jerking on straight-aways.  Take too much pressure off the front end and it will just slide through corners.

For the rider who just can’t find that perfect balance, the patented design of Slydog skis is the perfect solution.    The snowmobile ski uses a “snow induction” process through its unique design to improve cornering and floatation, while still reducing the likelihood of darting.

The bottom of a Slydog snowmobile ski has four main components: a snow intake scoop, two narrowing channels, a reverse angle keel and the ski platform.  The wide intake scoop is located at the front of the ski to pull snow into the channels.  As the snow moves through the narrowing channels down the length of the ski, it is compressed against the keel and moved out the back.  The snow compression does two things.  The first is that it creates a solid base of snow against the keel to create exceptional bite while cornering.  Second, as the snow compresses it also lifts the ski upward to provide more floatation to stay on top of even the deepest powder.

The real magic on the Slydog ski is the reverse angle keel.  This unique design cuts its own path through the snow and will resist darting into existing tracks and ruts.  Darting is greatly reduced, yet the sled is still able to cut hard in corners.  The additional control is made possible without having to add unmanageable amounts of ski pressure and steering can be done with minimal effort.  Slydog skis actually work with the rider and will act just as aggressively as the rider wants to be.

Snowmobile Skis

You’ll definitely notice the handling change of your sled, but onlookers are sure to notice how badass it looks with Slydog skis.  Slydog offers a wide variety of colors and patterns for their skis, which sets them apart from most of their competition.  Adding these skis is an easy way to customize your sled.

Slydog has more in their bag of tricks than skis, though.  The Real Cool bogey wheels will optimize the rear suspension of your snowmobile as well.  The Slydog bogey wheels are designed to work as a rotating fan blade.  The airflow that the Real Cool bogey wheels create help to push cold air into the front of the skid frame to help keep your slides cool.  When used in the back, Slydog bogey wheels work to blowout excess snow and ice so that it will not build up and add unwanted weight.  Also, ice and snow will not stick to the wheels because they are made with UHMW material.

Snowmobile Bogey Wheels

Style and performance are things that every rider wants from their sled.  Installing Slydog snowmobile skis and bogey wheels is an easy way to get both.

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