Dirt Bike Handlebars

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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 297
Comfort and control are critical during long races and trail rides, and selecting the right dirt bike handlebar can make you a winner, while the wrong ones can have you failing to even finish. But there lots of different types of dirt bike bars, and what may help your friend get the hole shot may have you hanging on for dear life. That’s why we carry a broad selection of dirt bike handlebars from top brands such as Emgo, Pro Taper, Renthal and Neken to fit the bill for all riders. Whatever your needs are in terms of diameter, style, width and rise, you can find the right handlebars for the right price at Dennis Kirk.

Our MX handlebars run the gamut from inexpensive bars for casual riders to MX bars with all the latest features for championship riders. Begin by picking between 7/8-inch dirt bike handlebars for better lightweight action or 1 1/8-inch handlebars for strength and durability. From there, you can choose from a number of different bends that give you your preferred comfort level and handling characteristics. Choose from high-rise handlebars for taller riders, low-rise handlebars for maximum nose weight, or increase your pullback for more of a cruiser feel. And for maximum grip traction, you can order knurled handlebars that will keep both the bar and the handlebar grips from slipping.

Each dirt bike handlebar we sell is made from rugged materials such as carbon steel and aluminum alloy, designed to absorb impact while resisting bar fatigue and scratching. A number of different finishes are also stocked to match your bike, from classic chrome and gold to titanium and even lime green handlebars. And you truly want to sit up behind the controls, a dirt bike handlebar riser kit has everything to upgrade your bar, levers and switches. Get free same-day shipping if your order exceeds $89, and enjoy no-hassle returns along with the expert support you’d expect from a leader in the dirt bike industry.