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A worn-out gasket is usually an inexpensive item to replace. Typically, the work to make the change is not complicated, so you can save yourself even more by doing it yourself. Although it costs relatively little in time and money to replace a beat-up gasket, seal, O-ring or washer, this simple fix can pay you big dividends. You can avoid major engine repairs down the road caused by a loss of coolant or lubricant. In the worst case, you could even avoid a fire that leaking oil could cause when it drips on a hot part of your engine. Beyond wrecking your engine or your dirt bike, such a fire could also endanger those tinder-dry forests you drive in and the homes nearby.

When you spot a bit of fluid leaking from your bike onto your garage floor or driveway, it’s time to investigate. If the culprit is a gasket or other mechanical seal, you are in luck. In most cases, a little preventative maintenance will provide a cheap and easy fix.

At Dennis Kirk, we sell hundreds of dirt bike gaskets, seals, O-rings and washers. Because we stock everything we sell, we can get the replacement gaskets you order out the door quickly. We also pride ourselves on our superior service, low prices and the guarantee we provide of your complete satisfaction, backed by our 90-day no-hassle return policy.

Whether you need a head gasket or valve cover gasket for your engine or an exhaust gasket to fix one of those leaky exhaust pipes, you can easily find what you need here by using our search box at the top of the page. We stock a complete line of gaskets for most makes and models. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, call us toll-free and we’ll help. Our technical support team can offer you some alternative solutions if we don’t have it.

We also carry premium-quality gasket material that you can cut to your own dimensions. Made with super-tough aramid as a component, this material resists oils, gases, water and low-pressure steam. It is designed for oil, fuel, water, coolant and exhaust systems.