Dirt Bike Boots

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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 393
If you have a dirt bike, you know that you need premium protection. That goes for racing as well as for bombing around on a desert trail or out in the woods. At Dennis Kirk, we carry a huge selection of dirt bike boots, socks and accessories that will give your feet and ankles maximum protection. These dirt bike books also just look darn good and come from top manufacturers, so you know you will be getting a product that lasts.

MX boots protect you with rugged plastic and metal armor reinforcements at all the points of greatest impact. These high boots also have thick plastic to guard your shins against flying debris and other hazards. Our motocross boots are easy to put on, take off and adjust, thanks to their buckles that don’t get clogged up with clumps of mud and crud. Shift pads on top of the boots give you full freedom for aggressive shifting while protecting the boots’ tops from wear.

When you’re shopping for a new pair of dirt bike boots, keep a few features in mind. Choose high-quality leather, which will outlast and outperform imitation leather. If you often ride in wet conditions, consider boots with Gore-Tex liners, which are waterproof but breathable. Thermal-plastic polyurethane, or TPU, is a strong, abrasion-resistant armor that stays flexible even in cold weather. Kevlar stitching, available in some boots, offers extra strength and durability. Goodyear welts will make your boots easy to resole, extending their lives. Also look for nonslip, oil-resistant Vibram or nitrile soles, which will give your feet the best grip.

It's also important to get exactly the right size boot. Check out our sizing video if you’re unsure of your size. Thanks to our easy return policy, even if you do pick the wrong size, you can easily return your new boots for ones that fit better.

Dennis Kirk carries dirt bike boots from leading brands including Fox and Thor. We also stock plenty of socks specifically made to work with dirt bike boots. These socks have been designed to keep your feet comfortable and dry even under the gnarliest conditions. We also carry lots of dirt-bike boot accessories and parts, such as straps, buckles and toe caps.