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When you’re popping your front wheel through the whoops or accelerating out of the final turn to the finish line, you’ll be glad you have a quality dirt bike sprocket from Dennis Kirk powering your drive chain. Most people only think about their sprockets when the chain falls off them, but these small components are a big deal in getting the power from your engine to the rear wheel. The right set of sprockets will maximize your acceleration and top-end power, while reliably holding up to constant shifting and torque. We have hundreds upon hundreds of dirt bike sprockets that can be mixed and matched to create the ultimate machine.

Manufacturers such as Renthal, Sunstar, Vortex and Parts Unlimited are trusted by professional riders, and are constant supporters of both world champions and everyday riders. With MX sprockets from these and other companies, you’ll get the same performance seen in factory team bikes at prices anyone can afford. Our fitment tool will direct you to sprockets made from hardened steel, carbon steel, aluminum and other rugged metals that match your ride. Choose from Renthal sprockets with self-cleaning grooves, JT Sprockets sprockets that are heat treated to reduce tension, Moose Racing sprockets designed to maximize chain contact and many others that are both lightweight and strong.

Each front and rear sprocket can be ordered in a number of different tooth counts, which will determine your main drive ratio. A higher ratio between rear and front teeth will increase low-end acceleration, while a lower ratio will give you higher top-end speed. Our sprocket and chain experts are available as well to help determine the right ratio for you. Order today for free same-day shipping on any order over $89, and remember to get countershaft washer/snap ring kits and locking sprocket bolt kits to use when you replace your old sprocket. You can also return or exchange unused sprockets for up to 90 days with our no-hassle returns.