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Optimize Your Sled With Bikeman Performance

Posted on 04 Dec 2014 in Snowmobile | 0 comments

Over the last decade, no other powersport has advanced as much as the sport of snowmobiling has.  The technology has yet to plateau and the sleds keep getting better.  But they’re still not perfect.  That’s where aftermarket performance companies like Bikeman Performance come in.  Bikeman looks for the areas where the manufacturers have fallen short and then develops solutions and modifications to optimize the performance of your sled.

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Bikeman Performance is best known for their weight saving, power gaining exhaust systems and big bore kits, but they also develop products that improve snowmobile performance in all aspects of what makes your sled go.  You can see improvements in your intake, drivetrain, clutching and engine with BMP products.  Your snowmobile can become a completely different machine with BMP products and you will be able to leave your buddies in snow dust.

Here are a few Bikeman Performance products that can solve manufacturer issues and make your sled ride better than ever.

Engine Durability Kit

The Polaris 800 CFI from 2008 and up is an awesome and powerful engine, but after 1500 miles or so many of them start to trail off.  BMP has found that most machines will lose 20-30 lbs of compression once they hit this mileage mark.  The lowered compression is going to result in a huge performance loss.  Sleds with the 800 CFI are designed for peak performance and any loss in power and torque is going to make your ride a whole lot less fun.

Bikeman Performance has developed a solution for you once you reach the 1500 mile mark on sled.  The BMP Engine Durability Kit will make your sled perform even better than when it was new.  This kit will produce 6 more horsepower and prolong the lifespan of your engine’s top end for far longer.

Bikeman Engine Kit

The Bikeman Durability Kit includes two Teflon coated pistons, which are actually taller than the stock pistons.  The taller pistons reduce piston slap, which greatly reduces the stress that is put on pistons and rings during operation.  The piston rings are also located in slightly different locations and lubrication holes on all four corners of the piston are added to help prolong the life of the piston.

To make room for the taller pistons, the kit also comes with a machined cylinder spacer, longer cylinder bolts and longer dowel pins.  The added crankcase volume from the spacer is what produces the extra 6 horsepower.  Port timing is unaffected due to the clever designing of additional piston height being the amount as the cylinder is raised.  The Durability kit also comes with piston rings, wristpins, circlips and two base gaskets.

High Flow Air Box Shelf

Installing the Bikeman High Flow Air Box Shelf may be the easiest gain of 3 horsepower possible for a Polaris Pro-R 600/800 CFI powered machine.  BMP has done the testing and has found the best design for the air box shelf to produce more power over stock.  The installation is very straightforward.  You do need to remove the secondary clutch and ECU and then loosen the oil tank to get to the air box lid.  Once you get to the air box, it’s as simple as replacing the stock shelf with the Bikeman High Flow Shelf and installing the air box horns to it.  With your sled back together with the new shelf installed, you’ll see the power from mid through to peak.

Bikeman Air box Shelf

Floating Belt Deflection Adjuster

Belt deflection is extremely important to get the most power delivered efficiently for the best performance.  For most clutches, the belt deflection is adjusted by using shims to set the proper tension.  Most kits are a pain to use and the process can get annoying.  Luckily, BMP has developed the Floating Belt Deflection Adjuster for all 2012 and up Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

Bikeman Belt Adjuster

The Belt Deflection Adjuster makes adjusting the belt deflection way more simple and it is also more precise.  The deflection can be set by turning the nut to the precise location, which is a huge upgrade over the shims.  When you need to adjust the deflection again, simply turn the nut until you reach the desired tension.  The more precise you can be with the belt deflection, the more power that your engine can transfer to the track.  The BMP adjuster provides that precision.

With this adjuster installed, the clutches will stay aligned properly at all times.  This is accomplished by allowing the driven clutch to float on the shaft.  Your chances of blowing a belt are greatly reduced by keeping the clutches aligned and it also keeps the clutch heat from building too high.

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