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Klim Valdez Parka & Togwotee Bibs

Posted on 21 Nov 2014 in Snowmobile | 0 comments

The Best Got Better

No other snowmobile apparel company prides themselves more about their technical pieces than Klim does.  The Valdez parka and the Togwotee bibs have long been at the pinnacle of the Klim gear lineup and have also set the tone for the whole industry.  Many backcountry riders and technical hill climbers will staunchly defend their Klim gear against all others and for good reason.  The pieces just flat out perform.

Klim Snowmobile

This winter, Klim has continued the evolution of the Valdez and Togwotee to bring them to even higher heights.  After all the years that this jacket and bib combo has been around, it still sets the standard for all technical snowmobile gear by not holding back on anything, including durability.  Klim has made these pieces virtually indestructible so that they are able to hold up to the most rugged riding.  Riders no longer have to worry about their gear getting torn on tree branches.  They can blast right through them.

New for this year’s models is the reinforced Cordura® Nylon overlays in all of the high abrasion areas.  This includes the shoulders, upper arms and elbows of the Valdez and the knee panels and inner boot panels of the Togwotee bibs.  This is the same high abrasion material that is used in a lot motorcycle gear, which is tested to survive abrasion on asphalt.  This Klim gear is sure to hold up to hardcore sledding.

Of course, Klim has also incorporated the “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry®” technology of Gore-Tex® in both the Valdez jacket and the Togwotee bibs.  The Pro Shell technology is the most breathable and durable Gore-Tex laminate made in motorsports and can only be found on the Valdez jacket and Togwotee bibs.  All seams in Klim gear are sealed to keep the moisture out.  Even the most technical and hardworking riders will stay dry and comfortable while wearing this Klim gear.

Klim Gear

Also new for the Valdez and Togwotee this year is the intelligent comfort-mapping and ventilation systems.  The comfort-mapping allows the jacket to work with you, not against you, while you’re working hard to maneuver your sled through the most technical runs.  It won’t bind up or restrict your movement like some other pieces can.  The redesigned ventilation system places the vents in easy to reach locations that will deliver the best airflow for aggressive technical riding.  The system includes pit vents, two wrist vents, two bicep vents, two chest vents and two exhaust vents on the back for the Valdez and two mesh covered thigh vents and side zips for the Togwotee.  All of these are designed to be completely compatible with an avalanche back pack so that no airflow is restricted.

Speaking of backpacks, the Valdez now has 3D honeycomb shaped silicone graphic grips on the shoulders to help prevent the straps from slipping and causing premature wear to the shoulder area.  The Togwotee bibs have the same honeycomb grips on the inner knees to help the rider grip the sled for more control.

Both the Valdez jacket and the Togwotee bibs are non-insulated pieces.  Riders can utilize Klim’s awesome layering system to regulate their microclimate by choosing the exact amount of insulation they need at any given time with the right layering pieces.  You can learn more about the Klim layering system from the Klim University article.

These features are just some of the things that make the Valdez and Togwotee the top choice for technical riding.  Check out the video below to see them in action.

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