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LePera Seats Bring Back Racing Stripes

Posted on 29 Aug 2014 in Harley-Davidson | 0 comments

LaPera Seats

In this world, there are certain combinations that just seem meant to be.  The identity of each thing becomes intertwined with the other so that they always go together when thought of.  American muscle and racing stripes are one such example.  When you think of a muscle car from the 60’s or 70’s, you are more than likely picturing it with a set of solid racing stripes running side by side down the center.  This retro look has survived over the years and now you can give your Harley the same classic sporty appearance with the new handmade LePera racing stripe seats.

LePera Harley Seat

The founder of LePera seats, Bob LePera cut his teeth on doing the upholstery for dragsters and exotic cars in the 60’s.  Now, LePera is going back to Bob’s roots with these new racing stripe Harley seats.  LePera is the perfect company to resurrect this trend in the motorcycle industry.  Their products are all 100% handmade in the USA.  An American seat for your American muscle Harley.

Each of these LePera seats is built upon a 16 gauge powder coated seat pan to provide a good solid base.  The underside is covered with carpet to protect your frame when mounting on the bike.  LePera’s Marathon foam is used to provide the perfect amount of comfort; not too firm and not too soft.  The seats are then covered with a premium naugahyde vinyl and of course accented with those eye-catching racing stripes.  The finished product is a Harley seat that not only feels great, but will totally change and customize the look of your bike.

LePera Outcast GT

For ’08 and up Harley Touring bikes, the Outcast GT seat is a game changer.  The “road sofa” look isn’t exactly the most appealing one, but riders stick with it because they don’t want to sacrifice comfort.  The Outcast GT retains all the comfort (if not adding more), but also gives your bike a sleek and sporty look with the low profile and of course the beautiful racing stripes.  From the 15” rider area, the seat tapers back leaving the perfect amount of space to haul a passenger comfortably around town.  The Outcast GT seat also comes with a removable/adjustable driver backrest that shares the same main racing stripe that the seat has down the middle.  The side of the seat has two diagonal stripes that are reminiscent of the “R/T” stripes found on the Dodge muscle cars.  The Outcast GT is available with either a Red stripe with Pleated stitching or a White stripe with Diamond stitching.

LePera Harley Seat

LaPera Stubs Spoiler

Sportster and Dyna riders also get in on the action with the Stubs Spoiler seat with speed stripes.  It is available for ’04 and up Sportsters and also for ’06 and up Dynas.   The Stubs Spoiler accentuates the stance of your bike with a tight, slammed design.  This look is perfect for any café racer inspired bike.  The riding area transitions back to a kicked-up tail section that is completely unique.  This tail section is highlighted by the two speed stripes that run across the seat.  The stitching of the pleats is the same color as the speed stripes, which creates an amazing contrast on the black seat.  For the Dyna, the seat is available with either Red, Gray or Black stripes, while the Sportster riders will have a choice between Red, Black or Brown.

LePera Harley Seat

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