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Alpinestars Jackets for Urban Motorcycle Riders

Posted on 05 Sep 2014 in Motorcycle, Powersports | 0 comments

It’s a dilemma that many urban riders face all too often.  Do you suit and be safe, but be burdened with your motorcycle gear once you reach your destination or do you risk your safety to be casual and relaxed?  With their Rideout collection, Alpinestars is looking to fix this problem by producing jackets that fit the needs and wants of urban motorcycle riders.  At first glance, these new jackets could fool anyone into thinking that they were just normal, stylish jackets to be worn around town or while doing your favorite outdoor activity.  It’s only when you closely to inspect the jackets that you notice the protective armor and durable construction that only a motorcycle jacket has.

Alpinestars JacketThe goal of the Rideout collection is to be able to keep your motorcycle jacket on once you reach your destination, whether it be a store, a party, a park or even a ski slope.  They truly are some of the most versatile motorcycle jackets on the market.  The Rideout Alpinestars jackets take many styling cues from the most popular outdoor recreation jackets and even running hoodies.

A’stars has taken these design concepts and to them added the armor that is required for motorcycle riding.  Each jacket comes with removable CE certified shoulder and elbow protectors along with a padded back that can be upgraded to Bio Armor.  Where the impact protection is enhanced, the abrasion resistance is, however, slightly decreased for the style.  For urban riding this is less of a concern though, where at lower speeds and increased traffic you are more likely to suffer an impact than a giant slide.  It’s a compromise that many riders are willing to make for the most versatile urban riding jacket.

As the collection grows, there are more and more options for riders to choose from.  If the growth continues (which it should with its growing popularity), we will soon see an Alpinestars Rideout jacket for every urban commuter.  Here’s a look at some of the stunning new additions.

Scion 2L Waterproof Jacket

The Scion 2L is ready to take on just about anything.  The 2L, which stands for the two layer construction, consists of a water resistant outer shell and a waterproof breathable membrane that are bonded together.  This construction produces a very durable, light and non-bulky riding jacket.  To ensure the waterproofing, all of the seams are tape sealed.  The storm hood will keep you protected on and off your bike when you encounter the worst conditions, but it can be tucked into the collar or be completely removed for when you don’t need it at all.

Alpinestars Jacket

Waist and back shock cord adjusters allow you to dial the jacket in for a highly personalized fit.  The pre-curved sleeves include Velcro volume adjusters and the cuffs can be battened down with Velcro too to keep the water out.  A zippered vent in the underarm will give you the ability to regulate your body temperature.

Runner Air Jacket

Hoodies are a favorite for many urban riders and the gear brands have taken notice.  The Runner Air jacket is Alpinestars’ take on the “motorcycle hoodie” and have, from the looks of it, completely nailed it.  This highly breathable hoodie-styled jacket is perfect for a quick throw-on to give you that timeless look with the protection that you need to ride around town.  The shell is made with a high abrasion mesh constructed from PU fabric.  In other words, it is going to keep you cool and protected.

Alpinestars Jacket

The front pockets and hood give this jacket that classic zip-up hoody look, but they are far more versatile than a normal hoodie.  Unlike a normal hoodie, the front handwarmer pockets can be zipped up so you don’t have to worry about your belongings sliding across the road as you round a corner.  For even more piece of mind, there is a waterproof internal pocket to keep your important belongings safe from those pop-up storms.  The storm hood can be fixed to the main shell to prevent flapping when you decide to hit the open road.

Tornado Air Jacket

Warm weather riders/outdoor lovers really need to check this jacket out.  The Alpinestars Tornado Air is setup to keep your adventure going on and off of your bike.  The jacket incorporates an ample amount of mesh panels that are strategically positioned on the torso, back and underarm.  Those panels, combined with a full mesh liner, make it a perfect jacket for the active rider.  The main chassis is reinforced with PU fabric to add the durability that it needs on the street.

Alpinestars Jacket

This casual fitting jacket can be cinched up to create a personalized and secure fit for riding with the waist adjustment cord, collar and hem shock cords and the Velcro sleeve closures.  The storm hood can be attached to the main chassis to reduce flapping.  There is a waterproof interior pocket to keep your important belongings safe.  On the collar, there are brushed poly-fabric inserts to keep it from chafing and rubbing uncomfortably on your neck.

Ladies don’t feel left out.  There are options for you in the Tornado jacket as well!

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