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Icon 1000: The Hood and Fairlady Jackets

Posted on 25 Aug 2014 in Motorcycle | 0 comments

With their 2014 Fall gear release, Icon continues to hone in on their goal of fusing the Urban Assault culture with timeless styling.  They are able to bring classic looks to greater heights and create whole new trends that others are sure to follow.  The new Icon 1000 collection takes this fusion to a higher level.  The collection is bolstered with a new jacket for both men and women.  Together, The Hood and Fairlady jackets complete a classic new look that is redefining what motorcycle apparel can be.

Mens The Hood Jacket

So often, we cruise the streets in just a hoodie because, let’s face it, suiting up to cruise around town can be a pain.  Because of this, the hoodie has become a symbol of urban assault riders.  It’s hard to beat the relaxed fit of a hoodie and you can even throw up the hood if you need some extra concealment.  Of course, a hoodie just doesn’t protect you like a good leather motorcycle jacket does.  That’s where the new Icon 1000 The Hood Jacket comes in.  This leather hoodie-style jacket has got you covered in all the areas of style, comfort and protection.

The Hood Jacket

The Hood Jacket truly is a unique concept.  The namesake of the jacket, the hood is what will be the main draw for anyone interested in this jacket.  It is made from the same 1.1-1.3mm select grain Brazilian cowhide that the chassis is built with.  On other jackets, we’ve seen a cloth hood, but not really a full leather hood like this one.  To push the hoodie look further, Icon included the large shoe string pulls and handwarmer pockets.  Because the hood is completely leather, it should be heavy enough to sit down at higher speeds.  It is, however, fully removable if you are worried about it flapping around in the wind.  With the hood off, you get a completely new look that is more akin to an actual motorcycle jacket.

Icon The Hood Brown

The Hood Jacket is just as comfortable as your favorite hoodie.  It is very much a sport fit, which means that it is tight enough so that it won’t flap in the wind, but loose enough to feel relaxed.  The sides feature zipped gussets for more room and the shoulders have stretch panels to aid in your mobility.  The Brazilian cowhide is ultra-smooth and soft to the touch.  On the inside, you’ll find an insulated SatinCore vest liner that can be removed on the warmer rides.  To aid in ventilation, there are well-placed sections of laser perforation.  This jacket also comes with the full D30 armor suite in the elbows, shoulders and back.

Icon The Hood Back

There are two color options available for The Hood Jacket- black and brown.  The black is sure to catch the most attention with the white contrast stitching.  The leather on the black jacket is shiny and will age nicely as you break it in.  The brown jacket is a more classic and natural look (if that’s possible with a hoodie motorcycle jacket).  It will come out of the bag looking more dull and already have a more broken in look than the black version.

Womens Fairlady Jacket

Velocity Couture.  That’s the designation that Icon has given to the newest womens jacket in the 1000 collection.  The Fairlady Jacket combines the durability and functionality of a true motorcycle jacket with the refined attention to details of a jacket found on the runways.  It perfectly embodies the notion of having both form and function.

Fair Lady Black Jacket

For so long, womens motorcycle jackets have fit like a box.  Now more and more brands are paying attention to the fit and construction techniques so that the garment flatters the female body.  Icon is now at the forefront with the use of the princess seams on the Fairlady Jacket.  These rounded seams compliment the female shape by holding the jacket close to the contour of your shape.  Like The Hood Jacket, the Fairlady Jacket is also a sport fit, keeping it form fitting without being bound up tight like a race suit.  The bottom of the jacket features a low-slung belt line to help aid in the female contouring and it also adds a touch of flair.  There are belted adjustment straps on the sides to dial in the fitment.

The chassis of the Fairlady Jacket made with Icon’s 1.1-1.3mm select grain Brazilian cowhide.  The touch and feel of the jacket leaves nothing to be desired as it is incredibly soft and supple.  For another touch of added style, Icon placed quilted panels on the outsides of the elbows.  The collar is extra tall and looks great in the up or down position.  On the inside, the Fairlady has a removable insulated SatinCore vest liner that will keep you warm on those cooler rides.  Well placed laser perforation panels in the leather add ventilation for the warmer rides.  In case of an impact, the Fair Lady Jacket comes fully armed with the D30 suite of elbow, shoulder and back protectors.

The Icon Fairlady Jacket is available in either black or brown.  The black leather is contrasted with blue stitching and zippers and the brown in contrasted with white.  Either choice will turn heads as you cruise by them in a jacket that embodies speed fashion at its finest.

Fair Lady Brown

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