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Speed and Strength Gear For Everyone

Posted on 15 Aug 2014 in Motorcycle, Powersports | 0 comments

Speed and Strength Gear

With every new product release, Speed and Strength continues to cement their position as one of the top motorcycle apparel producers.  They started by primarily focusing on the sport bike stunt world, but with this fall’s release, Speed and Strength now offers something for just about anyone who rides two wheels.  Yes that means, American V-twins, café’s, dual sport, cruisers and even dirt bikes to go along with their sport bike gear lines.  At price points that are hard to beat with solid construction, S and S gear should definitely be on your watch list.  Here’s a look at some of the new Speed and Strength lines and pieces for this fall.

Speed and Strength Gear

Speed and Strength Gear for Men and Women

Full Battle Rattle

Speed and Strength has never been shy about showing their appreciation for the military.  The Dogs of War collection has been a huge hit and has also raised awareness for the Warrior Dog Foundation.  Now, S and S is providing even more military inspired motorcycle duds.  The Full Battle Rattle collection is made to keep you prepped and ready to attack the road, especially in the summer months.

Stealth is everything in battle.  The Full Battle Rattle jacket is completely stealthed out in black leather.  Logos are almost non-existent, with only the S|S logo perfed into the leather on the back, which is sure to go unnoticed by anyone not looking for it.  Speaking of perforation, the Full Battle Rattle Jacket has perforated leather panels in all of the high temp zones.  Combine that with the low restriction collar and you get excellent airflow for a leather jacket.  The fully removable Vault CE rated shoulder, elbow and spine protectors will keep you fully armed for the streets.

Speed and Strength Boots

A soldier’s feet need to be well taken care of (ever heard of trench foot).  The Full Battle Rattle boots will keep your feet well protected on the street.  These boots look just like your favorite pair of high tops.  They give the appearance of a shoe with the height needed to keep your ankle protected.  You can expect the same protection with this boot that the lower half of a race boot would.  The addition of the TPU external sliders and protectors will protect against impacts, while the padded ankle protector, toe and ankle reinforcements will protect your ankle from rolling.

Speed and Strength BootsSpeed and Strength SS1400 Helmet

The Full Battle Rattle graphic on the SS1400 pulls everything together for this collection.  The graphic features silhouettes of various military positions with several different weapons.  The slogan “First In *Last Out” is adorned across the front of the helmet.  The SS1400 uses an Advanced Fiberglass Composite Shell that is DOT and SNELL M2010 rated.  There is plenty of ventilation, an optically correct shield and Cool-Core removable and washable moisture wicking liner.

Speed and Strength SS1400 Helmet

Speed and Strength SS1400 Helmet

Rust and Redemption

As Speed and Strength expands into many other niches vintage and niche bikes have become one of their strong holds.  The Rust and Redemption collection pays homage to the classic and vintage styling while building top-notch pieces with modern materials and techniques.  Just like the vintage bike scene, they took something old and made it new again.

The café racer scene along with other vintage bike lovers will love the styling cues of the Rust and Redemption jacket.  S and S continues the theme of removing logos with this jacket.  This textile jacket is made with a cotton canvas, which will age to perfection over time.  You can choose from the stealthed out black or the brown with orange contrast stitching.  It is very much an American cut jacket, which means that it will be nice and relaxed.  There is a removable insulated vest liner for the cooler rides, and perforated panels for the warmer weather making it a three season jacket.  To keep you safe, there is the removable CE rated shoulder, elbow and spine protectors.

Speed and Strength Riding Gloves

A vintage jacket is a good start, but a great way to complete the look is with a set of matching gloves.  Rust and Redemption gloves are built for style, comfort and protection.  The leather frame is finished with beautiful stitching, which gives them a hand-crafted appearance.  The leather palm is reinforced and the knuckles are hinged to keep your hands protected and comfortable on a long day of riding.

Speed and Strength Gloves

Speed and Strength Gloves that Perform

Speed and Strength ss600 Helmet

What says vintage more than an open face ¾ helmet?  The SS600 open face helmet gets dressed in a matte finish with rust patches for the Rust and Redemption graphic.  It also features the collection’s skull logo.  This is a pretty sick graphic that says what it needs to.  The SS600 is a DOT helmet and features a quilted comfort lining and Air Strike Direct Course ventilation.

Speed and Strength SS600 Helmet

Speed and Strength SS600 Helmet

Chain Reaction

With Speed and Strength’s expansion into other motorcycle niches, the Chain Reaction jacket might be the most adventurous (literally).  The Chain Reaction is a true adventure/sport touring jacket, a segment that S and S previously just dabbled in with the Urge Overkill collection.  Where the Urge Overkill was part urban, part adventure, the Chain Reaction jacket is full adventure sport touring.

Versatility is what makes this jacket so great.  It can be worn three of the four seasons, from the sweltering heat of summer, to the cool rains of spring and fall.  The Chain Reaction features massive zip-off panels that reveal mesh underneath.  There are two panels located on the front of the torso running horizontally and one other panel that runs vertically down the back.  On the lower back of the jacket there is a rabbit pouch to store the panels once they are zipped off.  For wet weather riding, this jacket features a removable waterproof liner and a water resistant frame.  Included are CE rated and fully removable shoulder, elbow and spine protectors.

Speed Society

The women were absolutely not forgotten with this gear release and of course women like to go fast too.  The Speed Society collection is Speed and Strength’s acknowledgement of their need for speed.  But this isn’t just built for speed.  The Speed Society gear is very fashion driven and is sure to get you noticed for your looks as well as your riding abilities.

The Speed Society jacket is a vintage inspired jacket, but has all the makings of a modern day womens motorcycle jacket.  Offered in either cream or black, this jacket is built with a premium leather chassis that features stretch panels on the sides and arms.  Speed and Strength designers paid very close attention to the form and fit of this jacket.  They wanted it to look good on a woman’s body and they have succeeded.  With the abundance of adjustability, it’s easy to get the fit spot on.  There are perforated panels to keep you cool and a removable insulated liner (it’s purple!) to keep you warm.  Also included is the CE rated shoulder, elbow and spine protectors.

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