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Mustang Dave Perewitz Signature Seats For Harleys

Posted on 19 Aug 2014 in Motorcycle | 0 comments

Dave Perewitz Mustang Seats

Just hearing the name Mustang might be enough to convince you to buy a new seat for your Harley.  If that’s not enough to convince you, hearing that a Mustang seat has been designed by the legendary bike builder Dave Perewitz should do the trick.  Two legendary names like that don’t come together too often in the motorcycle world, but when they do you can expect nothing short of greatness.  To accomplish that, Mustang and Perewitz have teamed up to produce top-notch Harley seats.  The Mustang Dave Perewitz Signature Seat collection combines amazing styling with legendary craftsmanship.

Mustang Dave Perewitz SeatJust in case you haven’t been up on the bike builder scene in the last oh, 30 or so years, here’s a little bio on Perewitz.  Dave caught the bike building bug back in 1969 when he customized his ’64 Sportster and brought it to Laconia.  Since receiving all the great feedback on that bike, Perewitz hasn’t looked back.  He has become best known for his master painting skills, especially his detailed flames, which have earned him the name, “The King of Flames.”  In 2006, Perewitz competed on Discovery’s Biker Build-Off where he defeated Paul Yaffe for the title.  His one-of-a-kind bikes have made him one of the most sought after bike builders in the world.  When it comes to which bikes he customizes, Harley Baggers are his bread and butter.

Now that you’re more familiar with Perewitz, let’s look at the awesome seats that he and Mustang have put together.  In this collection of Harley seats, there is one solo seat and four different fastback designs.  They are a very sleek design with diamond stitching to make the contours pop.  The stitching areas are raised for added comfort.  The two raised areas in the front transfer your body weight off of your perineal to provide relief and all-day riding comfort.  These seats have a fairly low profile, yet they still provide an ample amount of comfort.

The Perewitz solo seat is sure to be a hot seller for the 2008-2014 FL Touring Harleys.  It is narrower than stock, coming in at only 11” wide.  Combine that with the overall low profile of the seat and touching the ground becomes that much easier.  What is really stellar about the solo seat (besides the looks), is that the installation system is completely hidden.  Once the seat is on your bike, there are no visible bolts or brackets.  To complete the look with the solo seat, you can also install the Dave Perewitz Signature Fender Bib with matching diamond stitching.

The same great design with the addition of the smooth flowing rear section can be found on the Perewitz Signature Fastback seats.  The Fastbacks are a just an inch wider up front than the solo at 12”, but then they taper down to only 7” in the back.  There is even just enough padding on the rear section to have a passenger hop on back for a cruise.  With four different Fastback seats, there is a variety of fitment options.  These include 08-14 FL’s, 97-07 Road Kings, 97-05 Screamin’ Eagle editions, 06-07 FLHX Street Glides, and 97-07 FLHT’s and FLTR’s.  There is even a seat specifically for the 06-14 Softail 200mm Wide Tires, 06-10 FXST’s, 07-14 FLSTF Fat Boys and 08-11 FLSTSB Cross Bones.

Dave Perewitz Mustang Seats

Two legendary names in the motorcycle world came together and produced a collection of custom seats that will make everyone want to sit on your Harley.  Make sure you check out the Mustang Dave Perewitz Signature Seats.

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