We’ve Got A New Address

We’ve Got A New Address

Our address is changing, but we’re not moving.  Taking effect on Dec. 2, the street that we are located on will change from South Field Ave. to Frandsen Ave.  Many of you are probably thinking, “What’s the big deal about that?”  For Dennis Kirk, though, the Frandsen name is historically significant.  Our namesake comes from the local entrepreneur, Dennis Frandsen, who was the original founder of Dennis Kirk.

Frandsen has many business ventures in the area and continues his entrepreneurial ways even though he sold Dennis Kirk in 1977.  Renaming the street after him is Rush City’s way of recognizing his hard work and thanking him for bringing so many jobs to our small town.  For more history check out this past post.

So long story short, if you are coming to our store or if you need to get a hold of us, here is our new address:

Dennis Kirk, Inc.

955 S Frandsen Ave.

Rush City, MN.  55069


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Hello Ryan,
I been a customer of Dennis Kirk for many years. Just lately I put in an order for some snowmobile parts and could not get into my account to order. I tried for several days and even sent my email in for a new password several times. What’s up for no response>? I finally had to call to put in my order. I asked the person why my account doesn’t work and didn’t know. I asked him if they had my email still and replied they did. Not sure, maybe you don’t do online orders then>? By the way, the person that took my order was great and professional. I received everything I ordered and was perfect and shipping was fast. Nice to have great employees!!!—–***Specially during these hard times***—

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