You Can Help Make New Snowmobile Film

You Can Help Make New Snowmobile Film

For anyone who has ever wanted to be a part of a revolutionary snowmobile film, here is your chance.  Hybrid Color Films currently has a Kickstarter campaign running to help fund the production of their film, Winter Project | An Alaskan Backcountry Documentary.  The Kickstarter campaign only has 3 days left to hit their goal of $140,000.  As this is being written, they are at $132,774, so they could use your help.

Winter ProjectWhy is this film different?  The traditional backcountry snowmobile films like the Braaap and Slednecks series have been pushing the boundaries and limits of snowmobiling for over a decade now.  They continue to show breathtaking scenery combined with unbelievable riding from the world’s most daring riders.  But, there is one thing that they do not do.  The story behind the riders and production is often an afterthought and is rarely touched upon.  The Winter Project aims to fill in this gap by telling the behind the scenes stories that go along with the insane riding that is captured on film.

This film is not just a bunch of nobody’s trying to make a film, either.  Some of the most influential riders are coming out to ride  and support the film.  The riders include X- Games medalists like Joe Parsons, Heath Frisby and Daniel Bodin along with legends like Jimmy Blaze, Paul Thacker, and Cory Davis among others.  All of these outstanding riders are coming out in support of this film because they feel it is time that their stories are heard.  It takes so much effort and planning to be able to put together a flawless snowmobile film.  The filmmakers hope to capture the personal lives of the men who put it all on the line to show the world their passion.

The filmmakers also want to capture the stories behind the pioneers of Alaskan filmmakers.  They will feature the people from High Life Films (Turnagain Hard Core series) and Frontier Films (2 Stroke Cold Smoke series).  These two snowmobile film series spawned a revolution of more films that continue to push the limits.

Because this film is so different from the previous successes of films like Slednecks, the filmmakers said that big investors are hesitant to back a film that could change the way the sport is viewed.  That is why they have decided to fund the project through Kickstarter.  By having a crowd-sourced film, the filmmakers will know that there is demand for their film to be made.  This process is a big risk, big reward type of deal.  If the goal is not met, all of the investors will not be charged anything and the film will not be made.  That is why they need everyone to pitch in so they can meet the campaign goal.

A third of the money raised by the fund will go to pay for the Heli time needed for the aerial shots in the film.  The rest of the money will be split to go towards production costs, talent and travel expenses, operations, fees and a small fund for Hybrid Color and the crew.

Check out the video below and if this is something that you want to get behind and push the funding over the edge, you can go to their Kickstarter page to find out how you can contribute.


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