Alpinestars Motorcycle Pants

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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 61
Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 61
You might love your old jeans. The denim is washed and worn, and over the years, they have come to fit perfectly. But, when you hop onto your bike, you find that they are lacking. The fit, which suits you well while sitting in your favorite recliner, is less than optimal when you’re straddling your bike. If the fitment wasn’t enough of an issue, they also offer no padding or reinforcement. When you are riding, there isn’t much between you and the road. You need to make what little there is count. Here at Dennis Kirk, we know that this rings true, all the way down to the pants you are wearing. That’s why we’ve stocked a great selection of Alpinestars motorcycle pants for you to choose from.

Alpinestars makes a great selection of riding pants with something for everyone. They make pants fitted for riding and casual wear out of a variety of materials. Some are leather, some are denim. Some are other textiles. There are both mens and womens motorcycle pants here, and we are confident there is something for everyone; you just need to find it! Using the categories on the left side of the screen is the easiest way to do so.

One of the products here that we find most impressive are there reinforced denim Riff Raff pants. These pants look like a typical pair of jeans, though they are anything but. They are fitted to be comfortable on your bike, and have denim accordion stretch panels at the knee. They have CE-certified removable knee protectors and are made with 13oz denim for comfort and tear resistance. These denim pants are a great option for any rider looking for a casual look.

Whether you go with the motorcycle jeans that we mentioned, or a different pair, we are confident that you’ll like your riding pants. Thank you for shopping for your Alpinestars pants at Dennis Kirk.