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Kryptonite Motorcycle Locks

After investing your time, money, sweat and tears in the motorcycle of your dreams, the last thing you should do is leave it unprotected when you’re not around. Insurance may cover the monetary cost of theft, but it can’t bring back the joy and thrills of your prized possession. Kryptonite knows this feeling all too well, which is why we’ve been working since 1971 to protect all two-wheeled machines from theft. Whether you’re leaving your motorcycle in a garage, driveway, parking lot, or on a trailer, Kryptonite motorcycle locks from Dennis Kirk will proactively guard your investment from those looking for a five-fingered discount.

We carry a variety of Kryptonite locks that will keep your motorcycle wherever you leave it. Kryptonite disc locks are the industry standard for preventing roll-away and ride-away theft, immobilizing your wheel in a way similar to a Denver boot. These lightweight, weatherproof deadbolt locks are designed to fit the smaller vent holes of motorcycle wheels, and include rugged stainless steel keys and carrying cases. Kryptonite cable locks and chain locks function like traditional bicycle locks, wrapping around a frame point and a fixed object. Both are made from rugged materials that resist lock-picking, bolt cutters and other brute force attempts, and chain locks can be used in conjunction with U-lock crossbar locks for additional security.

A number of other lock types are available, including combination cable locks, padlocks and retracting locks. Those ordering a disc lock may want to pick up an orange reminder cable, so they’ll never risk riding away before taking the lock off. Kryptonite also reminds you to follow good lock-up procedures, such as parking near other motorcycles if possible, changing your location around and securing your bike to objects that can’t easily be cut. For more helpful tips or to determine what lock is right for you, call or email our experts. Kryptonite locks cost a mere pittance compared to the security and peace of mind they provide, and with our same-day shipping, you’ll get that peace of mind soon.

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