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If you’ve ever ridden a dirt bike, we don’t need to explain the importance of having the right pegs. The wrong pegs will leave you feeling like your shoes on the wrong feet! They can leave you feeling clumsy, off balance, and less confident in your own riding abilities. The right pegs, on the other hand, can leave you feeling confident, light on your feet, and ready to stick the landing after any jump you might hit.

Here at Dennis Kirk, we are committed to solving this problem by supplying a wide variety of dirt bike footpegs. Here on our site, you’ll find every variation you might hope to find for your pegs. We carry offset pegs, adjustable pegs, thin pegs, and wide pegs. Whatever you need, odds are that we have it here, ready to ship to you as soon as possible!

Moose footpegs are widely seen as some of the best on the market today, and they make up the largest segment of pegs that we sell. Constructed from stainless steel, their combination of quality and affordability leaves them appreciated by riders across the map with all skill levels. Maybe they aren’t for you? That’s okay! We have plenty of other awesome brands for you to choose from, with a little bit of looking you’ll find what you’re looking for.

We offer free shipping on all orders over $89, and if you order at the right time we will even be able to ship it out today. Ordering dirt bike parts has never been easier!

The next time you take out your dirt bike with your new pegs in place, the difference will be all too clear. With your new pegs underfoot, you’ll be ready to tackle any jumps, tricks, or terrain that you might find.