A Buyer’s Guide to Heavy Duty UTV Axles

A Buyer’s Guide to Heavy Duty UTV Axles

Just imagine: You’ve broken one of the stock UTV axles. You’re 47 miles from the nearest sign of civilization, stranded in a dried up creek bed. For 3 days you fend off bobcats and wild boars while fashioning a new CV axle out of pine boughs and acorns. Finally, you manage to limp your UTV back to the nearest sign of civilization with a new, undying resolve: to replace all your stock axles.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, the first thing you need to do is go sign a movie deal, your story could be a blockbuster hit. If it doesn’t, well, your movie deal moment might still be coming if you keep running stock axles with your other aftermarket upgrades.

Stock axles are fine for some people. If you are riding a fully stock UTV, you might be fine. But then, if that’s what you drove, you wouldn’t be here. We have a feeling that you’re like us. A stock UTV isn’t seen as a perfect finished product; it’s a blank canvas, and each aftermarket part you add is another stroke of the brush as you create a rock-climbing, mud-slinging masterpiece.

UTV axle

But while that lift kit or long travel suspension you put on your UTV might look great, it’s putting your axles at a higher risk of binding. Those new big tires will have you tearing through the mud, but they will also put a ton of pressure on your stock axles. Stock axles simply aren’t made to handle that kind of stress. You shouldn’t be asking yourself IF you will need heavy duty UTV axles, you should be asking WHEN. Eventually, something will give, and it’s most likely to be your CV joints.

You’ll probably know it when you hear it, the telltale “pop” followed by clicking whenever you’re turning.  Once you’ve identified the problem, you can start to consider a solution, and if you’ve broken an axle, it’s time to consider something stronger. You need a heavy-duty axle, specially crafted to handle the stress brought on by aftermarket parts.

One axle that we strongly endorse is the Moose Heavy Duty Voodoo Axle. The design on this axle is nothing short of genius. It utilizes a slip spine that enables the axle to extend or shrink by 2 inches as needed, helping keep your inner CV joint intact. The inner CV joint itself has 45 degrees of articulation which will help prevent binding, even at full droop.

Another brand we can really get behind is Demon Powersports and their heavy-duty axles. Their axles are 15%-20% larger than standard axles and they have a 10%-15% larger CV joint. These UTV axles were made to be tested on some seriously rugged landscapes, and you strike us as just the person for the job.

All Balls 8 Ball Extreme Duty Rear Axle is another top contender. They employ an 8-ball bearing system in their CV joints and they are 10%-40% stronger than OEM axles. These axles are a great product and a great value at their current price point.

When you get your new axle, remember that while it is heavy duty, it’s still an axle. Regular maintenance should still be practiced, particularly surrounding the integrity of the CV boot. The sooner you catch a ripped CV boot, the less damage that you’ll see on the joint itself.

As enticing as a movie deal might sound, we recommend that you take the easy way out and replace your stock axles before they can be an issue. You won’t regret it; that’s why we’ve done our best to show you some of our favorite options on the market today. If you see anything we’ve missed or have any other advice, your fellow customer would appreciate it if you mentioned it in the comments below. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We are happy to help however we can.

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