Fox QS3 Snowmobile Shocks: Fine Tune with Ease

Fox QS3 Snowmobile Shocks: Fine Tune with Ease

More is better right?  In much of the snowmobile industry, this rings true.  The introduction of clicker shocks over the past few years is a perfect example.  The mass influx of clicker shocks with myriad adjustments has allowed performance obsessed riders to fine tune their sleds handling and suspension to meet their very specific needs.  These shocks have also left plenty of riders confused and put-off on all the options.  The fact is, these high tech shocks just aren’t for everyone.  Clicker shocks require time to ride test the adjustments and many riders just don’t have that.  That being said, everyone does want their sled to handle and ride better for the way they ride.

If you crave better handling but don’t have the time or patience for clickers, don’t worry.  There is an option for you.

With a flip of a switch, Fox Racing Shox has made tuning the handling characteristics of your sled easy.  For the 2016 snow season, Fox introduced the QS3 shocks.  The QS3 is to be the bridge between the endless adjustability of clicker shocks and the standard no-fuss coil-over shock.

QS3 Fox Shox

The QS3 (Quick Switch 3) has three unique and specific settings that allow you to quickly and easily dial in your shocks for the terrain and riding style that you’re about to embark on.  The three positions dial in the shock’s rebound with a flip of a switch.  One position for your average trail riding.  One position for your more spirited, yet controlled rides.  And one position for when you go ham fisted on the throttle, doing your best impression of #68.

The QS3 function can be found on both the ever popular Float 3 Evol shocks and the Zero coil-over shocks.

Fox Shox QS3 shocks

The Float 3 Evols have become one of the most popular snowmobile shocks in the industry because of their infinite adjustments.  But getting dialed in can take some time.  That’s time you don’t have out on the snow.  Now being offered with the QS3, riders can quickly adjust the shock’s compression without counting detents.

The Zero line of shocks was introduced to provide riders with a higher caliber of shock in the coil-over category.  The introduction of the QS3 technology to the Zero line brings them above and beyond any other coil-over on the market.  The average rider who doesn’t want to go through all of the hassle of air shocks can still quickly set up their sled to handle the changing terrain with a flip of a switch using the Zero QS3 shocks.

Both the Float 3 Evols and the Zeros are built with the quality construction that you would expect from Fox Shox.  The shock bodies are crafted from Kashima coated 6061 – T6 aluminum for durability, smooth operation and weight reduction.  The Fox Ice Scraper Technology (FIST) prevents moisture from entering the shock by scraping off snow and ice before it can reach the seals.  And they are fully rebuildable and revalveable.

The introduction of the QS3 technology is a solid step towards high functionality with ease of operation.  These shocks will provide your sled with the ride that you crave without the stress of more complicated applications.

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