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S&S Power Tune Exhausts- Complete Performance

Posted on 09 Jun 2015 in Harley-Davidson | 0 comments

“Proven Performance” is the S&S Cycle tagline and they have certainly lived up to it.  Their engines and engine components have been lighting up the drag strips and streets for nearly six decades now, placing them at the pinnacle of V-Twin performance.  Now, S&S is on a mission to prove themselves in a slightly different direction.  They are not known as an exhaust company, but they are hoping that will change with the release of their new line of V-Twin exhaust systems.

This past February, S&S unveiled their new Power Tune Performance exhaust systems at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, OH.  This latest brand of exhaust systems and performance products is their giant step toward becoming a serious exhaust brand in the V-Twin market.  They took advantage of their vast knowledge of V-Twin performance while designing these pipes not only for power, but also for them to have the premium exhaust look and sound.

S&S Power Tune Exhaust

In the past, riders had to depend on various other exhaust brands to make power with their S&S motor parts, which often ended with mixed results depending on what was chosen.  S&S decided to take control of this dilemma with their Power Tune exhaust.  You can expect consistent power throughout the power band with these new systems.  After all, no one knows what a V-Twin wants more than the guys at S&S.

Offered either as a full 2-into-2 system with mufflers or as true dual headers only, you can choose the exhaust that will work for you.  If you choose the headers, you can run them open on the track.  For street use, they are compatible with all slip-on mufflers, not just the S&S brands.  The complete system is the easiest way to get on the streets with confidence by having all S&S components that are designed to work with each other on your bike.

When designing these pipes, they took everything into consideration, even the small things.  For one, they cleaned up the rear cylinder’s header pipe on Touring models to get rid of all the sharp angles that are found on the stock pipe.  It now has a nice clean bend.  This rear header header pipe is routed under the bike, which will reduce the amount of heat that is radiated to the passenger.  This is a feature that they will greatly appreciate on a hot summer ride.

The addition of the hidden crossover pipe gives the Power Tunes the look and feel of classic 2-into-2 pipes, but with the performance of a 2-into-1 system.  The crossover pipe increases the effective volume of the header system, which allows you to move more air and make more power.  It is perfectly hidden behind the heat shields where the header pipes come together.

All of this comes together for pure and even power curves.  You can expect to gain about eight horsepower right off the bat with the header system.  With that, you will see improved performance throughout all of the throttle.  When you combine the Power Tune exhaust with an S&S intake you can expect to pick up another few ponies.

Of course, no one wants to throw on a set of ugly pipes.  The design of the pipes are fairly minimalistic, yet very refined.  Offered in either chrome or black, the Power Tune Performance exhaust will look great on your Harley.  The pipes are sold without end caps, but there are new styles separately available for the mufflers that allow you to pick the finishing touch on the system.

If you’re in the market for a set of pipes for your Harley, make sure you check out the new additions from S&S Cycle.  They know how to make power and the Power Tune Performance Exhaust systems are a perfect example of what they can do.

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