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New Klock Werks Windshields Add Flare to Road Glide

Posted on 17 Jun 2015 in Harley-Davidson, Powersports | 2 comments

The Harley Davidson Road Glide is revamped and back for 2015 and so returns its dual personalities.  What from a distance appears to be another touring bike also doubles as a city cruiser with its aggressive stance and styling.  With this multifaceted bike, it’s no wonder Klock Werks has specifically designed two new additions to their Flare windshield lineup to benefit each styles of riding.

Road Glide Windshield

Sit back and log the miles with the Pro Touring Flare or cruise the downtown strip in style with the Sport Flare windshield.  With whichever one you choose, you will be radically improving your Road Glide’s air management and style.

The Flare has been around for a little while now and has established itself as a heavy hitter for Harley windshields.  Klock Werks specializes in making baggers fast (does the World’s Fastest Bagger ring a bell?) and the Flare windshield is an integral component in completing that task by making the bike more stable at high speeds.  The “hips” on the outer edges of the shield route air away from the rider.  This helps in two ways.  First, it creates additional down force on the front of the bike to make it more stable at high speeds.  Second, by redirecting the air away from the rider, the amount of helmet buffeting is greatly reduced.  The flip or flare at the top of the windshield also helps to shoot the air higher over the rider and in turn circulates clean, less turbulent air to the rider.

The Flare really changed the game for Harley windshields, so it’s no surprise that these two new additions are a perfect complement to the ’15 Road Glides.

The Pro Touring Flare windshield is the best choice for the riders who hit the highway and go.  It features a more upright stance and is wider to really help deflect the air away from the rider and passenger.  You can expect a far quieter and more comfortable ride, because the turbulent air is being directed away from you.  But the curves and styling of the shield still make it one of the most attractive tall options available.

Klock Werks Pro Touring Windshield

The Sport Flare, on the other hand, has a more low-slung stance and drastic curves to complement the new shark nose fairing in a sportier way.  The styling of the Sport not only makes it look fast, but also helps to actually make the bike faster by increasing the bike’s stability and handling.

Klock Werks Sport Flare Windshield

Because of the more aggressive angle on the Sport Flare, it will actually rise up much shorter vertically than the Pro Touring.  It’s important to note that if you choose to go with the black options, you should go with one that you can easily see over.  Klock Werks recommends that you choose a Flare windshield short enough to see over because you cannot see through the black options.  That’s also the beauty of the Flare, though.  You can choose a shorter windshield than you normally would because the Flare does a much better job of redirecting the air over and around you.

All Flare windshields are made from a hard-coated polycarbonate and are incredibly durable.  Swapping out windshields is about as easy as it gets and the new Flares use all of your stock hardware for mounting.

So whether you like to settle into 6th gear and stretch your legs or roll through town and then let that 103 do its thing, Klock Werks has you covered in the air management department.  The new Flare windshields are some of the best performing and best looking options available for your new Road Glide.



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  1. Scott thompson / June 28th, 2015 19:10

    Need one

  2. Matt / November 19th, 2015 19:09

    What size fairing is on the bike at the top?


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