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GMAX Helmets: More for Less

Posted on 02 Feb 2015 in Powersports | 0 comments

Yes, you can spend a small fortune and get a premium helmet with all of the bells and whistles.  But then again, you can spend a lot less and still get a premium helmet that checks all of the boxes that you need from a helmet.  GMAX helmets have set their sights on becoming the top choice in the latter category.

There are many value conscious riders out there that look for the gear that will give them the most bang for their buck.  Often these are beginner or casual riders, but a growing number of experienced riders are joining in on the value hunt as well with the prices of machines and other gear on the rise in recent years.  A GMAX helmet can provide all that you need and want for your rides out on the trails.

GMAX Helmets

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t bring something unique to the ride.  Take, for example, the GMAX GM54S modular helmet.  This helmet is on the cutting edge of integrated helmet technology.  On the back of this helmet is a built-in LED light.  The light can be set to steady on, slow flash or rapid flash.  With the addition of a separate controller, the helmet can even be synched to your machine’s tail lights to light up when you apply the brakes.  This feature is great for keeping the rider visible at all times, even in low-light and snowy conditions.

GMAX Helmet Light

The GM54S has more to offer than the LED light, though.  An integrated flip-down sunshield can be put into place with a simple flip of a switch that is located on the outside of the helmet.  The easy operation allows for quick adjustments for changing conditions.  The chin bar can easily be raised with only one hand and is very stable once it is in the raised position.

For more active riders, the dual sport helmet style is rapidly growing in popularity and GMAX is one of the earlier adopters to bring it into the snowmobile world.  Their GM11S is like a cross between a full face helmet and an MX style helmet.  You get the benefit of the shield for better coverage in addition to the increased field of vision from the MX helmet inspired shape of the shell.  Active riders can really benefit from this style of helmet and the GMAX version is a great option to give the style a try.

Dual Sport Helmet

The best part of the GM11S is its versatility.  This helmet can be converted to fit a wider variety of needs for any rider.  For starters, the face shield can either be totally removed or concealed under the visor so that the helmet can be used with goggles, like a true MX style helmet.  The eyeport is large enough to be used with large goggles, even OTG ones.  The helmet can further be modified to be visorless.  Without the visor, the helmet has a cleaner look to give it a full face appearance, which is great for high speed runs.

Both of these helmets, along with other GMAX snowmobile helmets, feature a unique dual lens face shield that is frameless.  The seamless design of the shield not only gives the helmet a clean look, but it also aids in the performance.  The fact that the shield is frameless allows it to seal better to prevent unwanted cold air from drafting to the inside of the helmet.  It also helps to make the helmet more aerodynamic, which can also help to reduce excess wind noise.  To ensure that fogging is totally eliminated, each GMAX snow helmet can be fitted with an electric heated shield.

All GMAX helmets are designed and built with certain criteria in mind.  Every helmet must fit well, be comfortable to wear and provide a great value for your hard earned money.  They seem to be pretty successful at accomplishing just that.  GMAX does the little things right that make or break a helmet.  These include a helmet that just plain fits well, removable Coolmax interiors, cheek pads with deluxe ear pockets, padded chin straps and excellent ventilation.

No matter which GMAX helmet you choose, you really can’t go wrong.  From beginners to more experienced riders, just about anyone can find benefits from a GMAX helmet, while keeping some well earned dollars in their pocket.

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