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Best Motorcycle Backpacks

Posted on 23 May 2014 in Motorcycle | 0 comments

Not everyone wants to strap a bunch of extra luggage like saddlebags and tank bags to their bike.  And then there are others who want even more luggage space.  In either case, a motorcycle backpack can be the perfect solution.  When you choose a high performing backpack, you will hardly notice it because it will perform just like the rest of your motorcycle gear.  So when you look for a motorcycle backpack, think of it as an extension of your riding gear.  Consider the levels of comfort, durability and performance that the backpack can provide for you on the road.  With the right backpack, you can ride with confidence knowing that your luggage is safe and secure.  You don’t want to have to worry about the straps falling down or your possessions getting wet if it starts to rain.

With all of the recent advances in product technology, backpacks are certainly reaping the benefits.  Insane storage capabilities, solid and comfortable straps and durable fabrics make it the best time to check out motorcycle backpacks to solve your motorcycle luggage needs.

Here are our Top 5 picks for the best motorcycle backpacks.

American Kargo Trooper

American Kargo are the new kids on the block when it comes to motorcycle luggage, but they are blowing up the scene with some innovative and well-made bags.  The Trooper backpack is their signature bag with so many features and storage space you won’t know what to do with yourself.  All of the storage compartments and pockets are well thought out with places for just about anything that you will need on your trip.  You can haul your laptop or tablet with confidence in the protected pocket.  The Trooper is compatible with hydration systems to keep you hydrated on those long hot rides.  There are even special pockets for your tools, first aid kit and goggles.  Don’t feel like carrying your helmet around once you’ve reached your destination, no problem.  There is a built in cargo strap that will keep your helmet snug on the outside of the backpack.

American Kargo Trooper

The American Kargo Trooper is made with a heavy PVC backed 600D fabric to make it extremely durable and fairly water resistant.  That is the same Denier found on most high-end textile riding gear.  American Kargo is really proud of their Butterfly Harness that will keep the Trooper strapped to you.  The Trooper’s Butterfly Harness has multiple fit adjustments and wide surface area straps, which make it perfect for wearing around your gear.  The Trooper comes in three colorways- Black, White and the brilliant Hi-Viz.  The Retroflect found on all three gives you the added visibility you need in poor conditions.

Icon Squad II

For the best fitting backpack for riding, the Icon Squad II might be at the front of the pack.  Icon’s comfort-fit chest closure system is a far and above improvement over the traditional shoulder straps.  The added coverage of the straps not only hold the pack in place, but they also eliminate the cutting effect that regular straps can cause.  Just like the Trooper, Icon’s Squad II has pockets and compartments galore.  It is electronic friendly with a laptop compartment and an mp3 player/phone compartment with an ear bud cord management system.  You will also find tool and first aid compartments.  There is also a deployable helmet compartment and a special compartment for your extra helmet shield.

Icon Squad II

Icon got it right when they compared the Squad II to a high-altitude jump rig.  You can ride confident knowing that your stuff will be safe and secure, even in extreme conditions.  It is made with a highly durable ripstop nylon and is available in Orange and Yellow, which meet U.S. Military hi-visibility specs and it is also available in Black.  The chest and back have large reflective patches to keep you visible.  The arm band straps can be removed when you don’t need them.

Ogio Stealth No Drag Mach 1

When all you can think about is speed and performance, look no further than the No Drag Mach 1 backpack from Ogio.  The exterior is a streamlined single shot molding making is a solid piece for no air drag.  The molded exterior also makes it nearly waterproof and it will not deform from wind shear.  You can think of this backpack as a speed hump on race leathers.  The shoulder gaskets conform to your body and also aid in the aerodynamics of the bag.  Of course, when you are riding hard, you need to stay hydrated and that’s why the Mach 1 is also made to accommodate hydration systems.

Ogio Stealth No Drag Mach 1

This No Drag Mach 1 doesn’t have the most storage capacity, but it does have compartments for your laptop and tablet.  The hip belt is off center so it will not scratch your gas tank while in the tuck position and the shoulder straps are ergonomic and padded for the most comfort while you are riding.

Tourmaster Cruiser III Traveler

Tourmaster has a long history in the motorcycle luggage business.  With their longevity, they have gained valuable experience and continue to put out luggage that flat out performs for riders.  The Cruiser III Traveler backpack is perfect for someone who wants the most durable bag holding their possessions.  Made with heavy duty 840D and 1000D nylon, this backpack is virtually indestructible.  It also mounts to the Tourmaster Cruiser III Traveler Bag trolley handle, making transporting you luggage off of your bike as easy as it gets.  The simple black styling is also a plus for riders who prefer the stealthed-out look, but the reflective piping will still make you visible in poor conditions.

Tourmaster Cruiser III Traveler

You will find all of the storage that you need on the Cruiser III Traveler Backpack including laptop and tablet storage, helmet holder and plenty of other pockets and compartments.  The breathable back padding and shoulder straps allow you to stay cool on those hot rides.  They also make the backpack very comfortable to wear.

Alpinestars Commuter

If you ride to work, chances are you don’t need to pack for three days.  That being said, you still want a backpack that offers enough storage for everything that you need that will still perform and be comfortable on your bike.  The Alpinestars Commuter backpack does all of that for you.  All of the compartments, including the laptop sleeve, distribute the weight very evenly so you are not thrown off balance in corners.

Alpinestars Commuter

The tear drop shape of the Commuter backpack creates less wind drag and is very aerodynamic.  The chassis is constructed out of 840D ballistic nylon twill and 420D honeycomb nylon with abrasion resistant fabric on the bottom.  With the waterproof welded zippers, it can handle fairly wet conditions and still keep your possessions nice and dry.  The bag offers very good back support made with padded air mesh to keep you cool.

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