Rig Your Wheeler to Make Work Easier this Spring

Rig Your Wheeler to Make Work Easier this Spring

Spring time.  We welcome the warmth, but it also means that it’s time to get to work.  Fortunately, your wheeler can help you save time (and your back) while you’re doing yard work, putting in food plots or even working around the farm.  Getting the job done is even easier when you deck your machine out with the right accessories.  You won’t have to worry about getting the tractor stuck in those hard to get places when you can use your ATV or UTV.  Check out these ATV accessories to make your workload a heck of a lot easier this spring and summer.

ATV Spreader

Whether you’re planting a food plot or seeding and fertilizing your lawn, the Moose ATV spreader is the way to go.  This thing is heavy duty and can take the beating it’ll get from being brought out to the most remote food plot areas.  The 2.2 cubic foot poly hopper can hold up to 145 pounds of seed, dry granular fertilizer, pesticides and even ice melting materials.  You can vary the speed of the motor to adjust the spread width from as little as 5 feet all the way up to 45 feet.

Moose ATV Spreader

Moose built this thing right.  Aside from the heavy duty construction, all of the working parts, like the stainless steel spreader fan, are made to resist corrosion.  That means you can continue to use corrosive materials, like urea and salt, and not have to worry about the spreader being compromised.  The 12V motor on the spreader can be hooked up to your wheeler’s battery or you can hook it up to another one to conserve power.

Spot Sprayer and Boom Kit

Once you have your food plot, field or lawn planted and growing, you will want to keep it healthy.  The Moose spot sprayers are the easiest and fastest way to apply liquid pesticides and weed killers.  With tanks ranging from  15 to 40 gallons, you can knock down those pesky things with ease, no matter where you are spraying.  The tanks come with size appropriate high-flo pumps to get the chemicals out at a consistent rate.

ATV Sprayer Tank & Boom

If you are dealing with isolated areas, the handwand with the 15 foot hose will get the job done.  It will even throw the chemicals up to 30 feet horizontally.  The boom kits are where it’s at when you want to cover a broad area, though and will work with almost any spot sprayer.  The 5 foot boom has a coverage area of 100 inches and the 7 foot model covers up to 140 inches.  There is no need to get off your wheeler until you run out.  The boom is equipped with no-drip diaphragm check valve nozzles so you won’t have to worry about getting the chemicals on any undesired surfaces.  When you’re done spraying, the boom folds up and out of the way so you can fit down those tight trails.

Chainsaw Holder

Hauling a chainsaw around on an ATV can be tricky without a mount or holder.  Their shape is just so awkward and trying to strap them down can be a pain.  Bungees can let the saw bounce over big bumps and regular straps can slip off.  Plus, when you’re working in the woods, you don’t want to have to take the time to strap it down every time you move.  Both Moose and Kolpin make awesome chainsaw holders and mounts to make hauling your saw a breeze.

Chainsaw Boot

The Kolpin Saw Boot gives you full protection on the bar of your saw, which is perfect for rough terrain.  Just slip the saw in the boot, throw the bungee over the backside and you are good to go.  The boot even has heat shielding to allow you to put a hot saw in it.  You never have to slow down to wait for your saw to cool.

Tool Holders

Just like hauling your chainsaw, it can be difficult to haul any long handled tool out into the fields or woods on your ATV.  The Moose tool holders will hold your shovels, rakes and hoes securely in place until you need to use them.  You can choose between the horizontal or vertical mount.  Either way, your tools will be secure and out of the way when you ride.

Moose Tool Holder

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These accessories are cleverly genius. If we can make work a lot easier, why not do it. Right? Thanks for sharing!

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