Fuelpak FP3: Tuning Your Harley Has Never Been Easier

Fuelpak FP3: Tuning Your Harley Has Never Been Easier

Harleys are arguably the most customizable bikes out there and that is why so many people love them.  Of course, engine and other performance mods are at the top of the list when it comes to making a bike your own.  New pipes, high flow air filter and the list goes on.  All of the good stuff to make that V-twin rumble to your liking.  There’s just one problem.  When you make those performance mods, especially on an EFI, you need to update your fuel mapping.  If you don’t, the increased airflow will make your bike run lean.

In the past, you had to bring your bike into the shop and put on a Dyno with it hooked up to computers to get the right fuel mapping.  This is not cheap and can be a pain for the average time strapped rider.  Fortunately, fuel controllers like the Vance & Hines Fuelpak came along and allowed you to change the mapping yourself, but they still required a little bit of work and the adjustability still wasn’t the greatest.  Now, Vance & Hines has released the Fuelpak FP3 and it is changing the game of fuel management.

Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3

So what makes the new FP3 so amazing?  It’s a combination of a few things.  First and foremost, with the FP3, you can now recalibrate your Harley’s engine parameters wirelessly through an app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.  With one simple plug, the FP3 can be installed and connected to the new Harley HDLAN (CAN Bus) system and you are ready to start modifying.

Say you just installed some new pipes and air cleaner on your bike.  To tune it with the FP3, all that you need to do is go onto the smartphone app with the Fuelpak plugged in.  The app has an enormous list of fuel maps to choose from that comes straight from the Vance & Hines library.  The mods that you make don’t even have to be from Vance & Hines.  Their engineers do extensive testing with many of their competitors’ exhausts and other performance mods to ensure that you will have the right fuel map.

Still don’t like the results from the pre-canned maps?  The Autotune feature allows you to tweak the mapping to get even more precise results.  The FP3 communicates with all of the factory sensors on the bike to allow you to fine tune it.  This is perfect for unique components or even to account for different grades of fuel.

Once you update the mapping on your bike, you’re going to be curious to see the effects.  You will certainly feel the difference while you’re riding, but now you can see the actual data too.  With the FP3 connected, you can see exactly what’s going on with the Live Sensor Data on your phone.  The app will display your speed, RPM, cylinder head temperature, voltage, gear selection and other info that is vital to your bike.  You can even read trouble codes that are brought up on your bike so you no longer have to bring it in to get hooked up.

Fuelpak FP3

The FP3 uses Flash Technology to make the changes.  This means that once you flash the new mapping to the bike’s system, you can remove the Fuelpak and store it away.  You won’t have access to the Live Sensor Data, but the mapping will remain updated.

As of now, the Fuelpak FP3 is only compatible with the late model Harleys that have the HDLAN or CAN Bus system.  This includes Sportster, Dyna, Softail, Touring and Trike models with maps on the way for the 110ci CVO models.  If you don’t have a bike with that system, you can always use the previous models of the Fuelpak to get amazing results.  You can learn more about the Vance & Hines Fuelpak here.

Fuelpak FP3 / Feature from Vance & Hines on Vimeo.

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The fp3 tuner sucks if you change cams it wont help you! You cant even sell the piece of shit once its married to your bike wtf is vance and hines like micro soft. It the product was so good you would be able to sell it not have to throw 389.00 in the trash becase its font do shit once you change cams! I will beat my true duals with a hammer and your fp3 let you take my 1000. Dollars and never buy a vance and hinse product again. Harley owners beware its trash!!!!!!

You need to update your firmware. Cam s are all selectable and adjustable in the FP3 it’s a great product. As for the married, all tuners regardless of the brand, are married to the bike and cannot be sized on another bike. Being able to setup programs for riding styles, ie. Road trip or grip it and rip it, in less than 3 minutes is awesome! I’ve ran the HD super tuner on my past three bikes, I love it, but had to try a device I could do from my phone and even auto tune.. The FP3 is a great option and support is impressive.

You are a dink. Truly. Read your instructions before to give a great company a review off you stupidity. The product works. But I can only imagine that you can’t chew gum and breathe. Good luck dink.

I just installed my New FP3 on my 2015 Dyna Wide Glide. I had no idea how this worked. I READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and had my new map installed in less than 5 minutes. AMAZING difference as to how my Harley Rocks Now! Don’t bad mouth because you don’t know what your doing.

Really degraded the performance of my 2015 Road Glide special, V&H 450 slip-on’s and V&H Intake. Going to try “Auto-Tune” unsure on how I should ride it Hard of street easy? If that doesn’t work reset to factory.

I had the same issue at first, but the Autotune took care of it fairly quickly. Ride the way you ride is my suggestion. I started by gripping and ripping up and down a mile and a half stretch 4 or 5 times and a leisurely trip from home and back. Then I applied that. Then I went on a highway stretch for about thirty minutes and applied that. One more fairly aggressive run around town and on highway did the trick. It gave me a pretty wide range result that probably won’t have the greatest fuel economy, but another trip of how you ride on interstate, say a tank of gas worth, with get you a solid program for long trips.

Well a half dozen maps or so ,auto tune will not come up bike runs like shit ,ready to back to stock,vance and hines header pipes with crusher mufflers,super Sucker air cleaner fuel pac and you tell me which one maps that WORKS o l”ll put it in Thanks

FP3 is nice but no one tells you it won’t auto tune if you de-cat the factory header…You get to wait until after you buy one to find out about that part ;0(

Holy crap… most of you complainers are completely ignorant about the way FI works and is fueled, etc… you shouldn’t be working on your own bike…. OR you need to get some education. The FP3 works a charm. AutoTune works as long as you have you O2 sensors intact. You CAN select cams… wow…. Now you know why we mechanics HATE DIYers!! LOL… bunch a dinks…

I have a 103 with stage 1 air with V&H shorts. Bought it with all the goodies,however I’m courious if the previous owner tuned the bike or not. Im getting a LOT of popping on the deceleration end. Is this normal and will the pf3 fix my pops?

Hey William, the bike is most likely not mapped properly, which would cause the bike to pop. An FP3 or any other proper mapping should clear up the pops for you. Also make sure that you do not have any exhaust leaks.

Hi everybody!
I’ve got a FP3 on my FXSTC 2010 TC96 and I’m very proud of it!
Anyone knows if I can set up startup fuel injection with my FP3?
I’d like to set it to have less starting effort.
I know this can be done with Power Commander and I’m wondering if I can do the same thing with my FP3!
Thanks in advance!

I have a 2017 roadking with screaming eagle air cleaner and vince and hines header pipes with Rinehart 4 inch exhaust after I tuned the bike with the fp3 tuner it won’t idle down and runs around 16oo rpm’s until I come to a full stop then it will idle down to around 1000 rpms,if I pull the clutch in at any speed it won’t idle down at all stays around 16oo rpm’s also getting a noice from air cleaner,vine and hines tried to tune for me threw my phone but made to worse can I back the tune out and back to stock and start over I’m at a lost now on what to do

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