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Battery Tender

If you’re pulling your favorite machine out of storage for a new season, or accidentally left the auxiliary power on overnight, you’ll need a way to get your battery ready for the next ride. Rather than track down jumper cables and a willing assistant, hook up a Deltran Battery Tender battery charger to bring it back to life. Since 1965, Deltran has produced chargers that go beyond the norm, ensuring the best battery performance every time. With our selection of Battery Tenders and accessories, your motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile will always be ready to fire up.

Ordinary battery chargers use a “trickle charge” method that never shuts off, and can eventually cause your battery to overcharge or even boil dry. A Battery Tender, on the other hand, automatically converts to a float charger once the initial charge cycle is complete, maintaining your battery at optimum voltage for the next use. The Battery Tender Plus can monitor a battery for years at a time without causing any damage, and has quick disconnect rings for when you’re ready to get revved up. If your battery is in a tight spot, the compact Battery Tender Junior will fit into those areas. We also have Battery Tenders for lithium batteries, along with selectable chargers that can be used with multiple battery types.

If you’re trying to be more eco-friendly, hook up a waterproof solar charger panel and get your power from the sun’s ray. Other accessories available include extension cables to expand your charging range, utility pouches for transporting your Battery Tender, alligator clips for maintaining multiple batteries and even USB chargers for your phone or tablet. All Deltran battery chargers are covered by warranties of up to 10 years depending on the model, and Dennis Kirk will stand behind their products as well. All orders over $89 qualify for free same-day shipping, and our low prices means you’ll get a great deal on products that save you time and money while ensuring your battery will never run out of juice.