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How to clean and seal a fuel tank

So, you just got a great deal on a fuel tank on eBay, and now you want to get it ready to go on your motorcycle. Whether it’s a brand-new tank or a crusty relic, you’ll want to properly clean and line it before you even consider what color you are going to paint it. Sealing the tank is cheap insurance against a fuel leak, which at the least could ruin an expensive paint job and at the worst cause a fire. When choosing a sealer brand, always make sure to check that it is impervious to ethanol fuels. Unless you plan on always carrying your own fuel with you, chances are you’ll eventually end up filling your tank with an ethanol blend. Many tank sealers can be dissolved in ethanol, and, as you can imagine, running dissolved tank sealer through your carburetor or fuel injection leads to a variety of problems.

The process of cleaning and sealing your tank is easy but time consuming. You’ll want to make sure you set aside enough time to complete the job, as some steps may require an hour or more to complete and cannot be stopped once they are started. For this article I will be using the tank clean and seal system from KBS Coatings. Since you will be using chemicals, make sure that you are working in a well-ventilated space and are wearing gloves and eye protection.



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