Dennis Kirk, Inc.

Garage Build is brought to you by all of us at Dennis Kirk.  We don’t want to brag (at least no too much), but we work very hard to show off your Hard Work and Creativity!  We Power Garage Build.

Why do we do it?  Easy … it’s all about providing a platform to make you and your passion shine.

At Dennis Kirk we’ve been supporting the sport (your sport) for 50-years.  We share your passion and knuckle-down every day to make sure you have what you need to make your ride, well … yours.  If it has cylinders, wheels or a track we have 175,000 chances to have what you need in stock.  If you’ve used us in the past, then thanks.  If not, give us a try and see what makes us successful.  And by the way … last minute?  No worries, ’cause we ship today!

Curious? Need some parts?  Check us out anytime at

Oh by the way, if you are into winter sports … those that include cylinders and speed, check out our Sled Build site.  Who knows what type of build is next?