Double The S&S Power for the Price of One

Double The S&S Power for the Price of One

S&S Sturgis Special- Expires 8/31/2017

The 2017 Sturgis Rally may have ended last week, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t benefit from it.  Every year, many of the top aftermarket parts manufacturers set up specific deals just for the rally.  This year, the best one may be from S&S Cycle.  And the best part is that this sale is still going on until the end of the month.

Through the end of the month (8/31/17), you can get a smoking deal on a Stage 1 upgrade.  When you buy their highly praised MK45 Slip-Ons, you will get the Stealth Air Cleaner Kit with it for FREE!  Check out the S&S Deals.

S&S Sturgis Special

The MK45 mufflers were introduced last year and have been standouts for Harley Touring bikes.  Being named after naval artillery, you would expect that they provide a boom.  You would be correct.  But it’s not an obnoxious sound.  The 4.5” mufflers provide a nice low rumble that remains consistent throughout the rev range.  They are built with RaceTEX cartridge packing to create that deep rumble, without the ‘cheap’ sounds as you twist the throttle.  The packing will also last much longer than standard packing and helps boost horsepower and torque.

What makes the MK45’s unique is the ability to kill the decibels with the included and removable dB reducer.  When ran open, these mufflers are ear-catching and produce the loud, low rumble you want from an oversized can.  But if you are running through town or just prefer a more quiet exhaust, you can insert the dB reducer.  While the dB’s may be lower, you will still get the low, deep rumble.  And the insert can be installed or removed in flash with just two Allen bolts.

There is a variety of different end cap styles for the MK45’s and they are offered in either chrome or Jet Hot black.  With these slip-ons, you can see a seven horsepower gain as well.

To get the extra air needed to breathe through the new slip-on’s, you need a free flowing air cleaner.  The S&S Stealth air cleaner kit does just that.  With an increased filter area combined with an air horn style radiused inlet and the S&S Stinger cone, the Stealth provides smoother and faster air flow.  This, of course, results in more power.

This air cleaner kit is named Stealth for a reason.  It can be run without a cover for the raw, exposed look.  Or it can also be run with the stock Big Twin air cleaner cover, making your bike a sleeper with hidden power.  S&S also creates a good variety of covers if you want to step up the style of the Stealth air cleaner.

Getting this much power for the price of one upgrade really is a steal.  And the fact that it is S&S means it is a can’t miss upgrade.

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