The Best Keep Getting Better: Tech 10 Boots

The Best Keep Getting Better: Tech 10 Boots

Sometimes the best just keep getting better.  Such is the case with the Alpinestars Tech 10 boots.  The Tech 10’s have been at the top of motocross boot food chain for a while now.  With other brands like Gaerne and Fox right up there with them, Alpinestars didn’t rest on their laurels and have made the Tech 10 boots even better, not only in performance but in appearance as well.

Alpinestars Tech 10

One way that Alpinestars was able to make the Tech 10 boots even better is by taking feedback from one the greatest MX riders in the world right now.  Ryan Villopoto has worn the Tech 10’s throughout his career, which includes 3 Supercross titles and 5 Outdoor Championships.  With a record like that, Alpinestars was smart to listen to what he had to say.  They have even released the Tech 10 RV2 boots that are directly inspired by Villopoto.

So what makes the 2014 Tech 10 boots better than the previous year’s?  If you get the chance to pick one up, you’ll notice immediately.  They have considerably dropped the weight on the boots and have given them an even lower profile.  Alpinestars was able to do this by a few ways.  One is that the new boots are made with lighter materials, like the aluminum buckles.  Another way the made them lighter is with the one piece co-injected foot chassis.  The foot chassis is thicker wear it needs more protection and it is streamlined where it doesn’t.  There is no excess material creating excess weight.

Snagging has always been an issue with MX boots in the past.  A’stars has worked hard to minimize this issue as much as possible.  They have moved the buckles to the front of the boot and slimmed them down to make them less likely to snag.   They have also incorporated the rubber insert panel in the medial protection zone on the inside of the boot to help create the low profile design and reduce snagging.  It will also give you superb grip on the bike.

Alpinestars Tech 10

The Tech 10’s have always been good at protecting you, but now they are even better.  The front and back of the boot feature a tongue and groove blade system made from hard shock resistant polymer.  The blade systems protect you from hyperextension all while giving you the mobility that you need.

The removable inner ankle brace booty allows you to have freedom of movement while protecting your medial and lateral movements.  To accomplish this, the booty has torsion bars that move with the natural movement of your ankles but will progressively dampen torsional forces in an accident.

All that protection is great, but if they aren’t comfortable, you’re not going to want to wear them.  The new opening makes putting the boots on even easier and the internal microfiber flap allows you to get a precise fit.  The leg gaiters are now flexible compared to the more rigid ones of the past.

With all of the technical stuff aside, the Tech 10 boots are still amazing based on looks alone.  MX boots are often relegated to bland designs with a choice of black or white with maybe some accent colors.  The Tech 10’s change the game with offering more colorways like the neon green on the RV2’s or the red, white and blue Patriot Tech 10’s.  There are also red, yellow and black and the orange boots.

Want to get even crazier with your boots?  You can now buy graphic kits for Tech 10 boots.  Alpinestars has released several graphic kits to personalize your boots even more.  These are great to make your boots your own or to even cover up some scuffs that have accumulated on your boots.

Alpinestars Boot graphics

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