Drop A Bomb On The Competition With The FMF Megabomb Header

Drop A Bomb On The Competition With The FMF Megabomb Header

When the topic of dirt bike exhaust comes up, we often jump to talking about the muffler or silencer of the system.  That’s the “sexy” end of the exhaust.  For a long time that thinking was rightfully justified.  Riders would see outstanding gains with switching out the stock muffler, whether it was from performance, weight, looks or all three.  Now, the introduction of the FMF Megabomb is changing the tune of many riders and they are starting to talk about the performance gains from their headers instead.

FMF Megabomb

The new patented design of the Megabomb header is completely revolutionary in the world of dirt bike exhaust.  The expansion chamber on this head pipe may actually remind you of the FMF Powerbomb.  This is because the Megabomb’s design is derived from the Powerbomb with the simple logic of “Bigger is better.”  Of course, the actual engineering behind the Megabomb is far more complex than that, but that’s the gist of it.

If you race your bike or just ride like you are on a Motocross/Supercross track or GNCC style trails, adding the Megabomb is a no-brainer to get the most performance from your dirt bike.  This hand-formed, titanium header will give your bike a wider and more evenly distributed powerband.  You will definitely notice the gains from the low end to mid-range.  Your mid to top-end power will also improve.  When you combine the Megabomb header with an FMF Racing slip on, like the 4.1 RCT, you can see a gain of up to 3 hp!

 FMF 4.1 RCT

The Megabomb is able to accomplish these power gains by extracting the most exhaust gases possible.  The more exhaust gases you extract, the more that can enter the pipe, allowing your bike to breathe easier.  We all know that your bike’s engine can make more power when it can move more air through it.

The overall construction of the Megabomb allows it to be much shorter than your stock header.  Why is this important?  The more compact design allows the muffler to be tucked closer to the bike and out of harm’s way if you happen to go down in a crash.  Your investment stands a better chance of staying protected with a shorter header like the Megabomb.

With a normal short header, you lose low-end torque because of the lack of volume, but you do gain a better over-rev.  The Megabomb allows you to have the best of both long and short headers.  You still get the better over-rev of a short header, but the added volume of the Megabomb allows your bike to still have an increase in low-end torque like that of a longer header.

The sound output of race bikes is constantly being checked.  If you want to race, you have to make sure that your bike isn’t going to be over the limit.  A lot of time, exhaust upgrades will make your bike louder, but not the Megabomb.  It will actually reduce the sound output of your bike up to 1.5 dB.  The added volume in the header acts as a pre-muffler to mitigate the sound waves traveling through the exhaust.

You can spend a lot of money and time rebuilding your engine with all of the latest performance upgrades.  Or, you can bolt on an FMF Megabomb header and see similar results on the track.

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