EPI is Clutch for ATV Performance

EPI is Clutch for ATV Performance
Gain Performance with EPI ATV Clutch Kits

If you are riding with a stock clutch setup on your ATV, chances are good that you aren’t experience the most output of power that is possible. When ATV manufacturers set up the clutches, they do not know what type of rider will be on every individual machine. The same line of ATV’s could be used for farming and utility work by one person, and another could use it for sport performance riding. For that reason, the manufacturers will set the clutches so they can perform decently in any given situation.  The manufacturers don’t have the luxury of knowing exactly how the wheeler will be ridden.  This can leave something to be desired for the rider who pushes their machine past the limits of average riding.

Fortunately, you can set up your ATV clutch to give you the best performance to suit the style of riding that you mainly do. The goal is to create a faster upshift and a crisper backshift, which will give you the best throttle response. Don’t be frightened if you think that tuning your clutches sounds intimidating. EPI Performance has taken all of the guesswork out of the tuning process. They have developed multiple kits for each wheeler to match the rider’s desired style of riding, so you don’t have to be an engineer to pick the optimal springs and weights. Simply pick the ATV clutch kit that matches your riding style and reap the benefits the next time you ride.

ATV Clutch Kit

When should you install an aftermarket ATV clutch kit?

The easy answer to this would certainly be, “As soon as you buy your ATV,” but in reality, not everyone needs their wheeler to perform at it’s peak. The stock setup is perfectly suited to perform well for the average use of an ATV. Tuning your clutch should come when you want more from your machine, when you want it to perform at its peak ability. EPI clutch kits will increase the power output of both stock and performance modified ATV’s. EPI Performance is not in the business of selling you something that doesn’t work, so you can be sure that you will experience the benefits. They will not sell a kit for a machine if it does not improve it in some way.

While most stock clutching setups are decent out of the box, a stock machine can still benefit from an EPI clutch kit.  The benefits of a clutch kit in a stock ATV include faster acceleration, reduced belt heat, longer belt life and improved backshifting. Every machine is different and not every one will benefit in all areas, but you will still find added performance in at least one of those areas with an EPI clutch kit.

One of the most common upgrades to an ATV is larger and more aggressive tires so you can make it through any mud hole. You will likely run into a problem if you do this with no clutch tuning. Larger tires add more weight and resistance, which requires a different clutch setup for optimal performance. Your stock clutch setup combined with large tires can result in belt slippage along with increased belt and clutch heat.  The result could be a long day of getting stuck in the mud because of the lack of power at the wheels. EPI has taken note of how common oversized tires have become and has developed clutch kits that are specifically tailored for them.

Mudding ATV

Whenever you add performance modifications to your ATV, your clutching should be re-tuned. Performance exhausts, carb kits, fuel controllers and engine tuning all add power to the crankshaft, but without the proper clutch tuning, all of the added power has nowhere to go. The clutch system delivers the power to the wheels, so you need it to be tuned to handle the extra power from the mods. You can burn through belts quickly without performance tuning your clutches. Another side effect of adding more horsepower without re-clutching is higher RPM. This will cause your wheeler to run above the powerband and you won’t be able to utilize the power that you have added to the engine. The EPI Sport clutch kits are designed to give you improved holeshots and the most aggressive acceleration possible.

While EPI suggests that an authorized dealer/mechanic performs the installation, a seasoned wrencher should be able to install the ATV clutch kits. You can follow this LINK to see the installation done on different ATV makes.

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