Introducing Big Gun Exhaust

Introducing Big Gun Exhaust

We always get excited when we add a new brand to our lineup at Dennis Kirk, especially when that product is proven to enhance your machine.  We are proud to be able to supply you with some of the best 4-stroke exhaust systems on the market from Big Gun Exhaust.  Big Gun is best known for their performance ATV exhaust, but also make outstanding systems for UTV’s, dirt bikes, and street bikes.

Big Gun Exhaust Systems is a family owned business located out of California.  The American made quality of their products shines and it definitely makes a difference to your four stroke.  Not only will these systems better your machine, but Big Gun exhaust systems meet and exceed all state off-road sound decibel requirements.  With the choice between the EVO and ECO models of either a full system or slip-on exhaust, there is a Big Gun exhaust to fit the needs of just about anyone.

The Big Gun EVO exhaust systems are designed to give you the best racing performance for your machine.  The EVO will allow your ride to have maximum horsepower and torque gains all of the way through the RPM range.  The construction of this exhaust series is much lighter than your stock exhaust and the muffler is also sleeker to give you maximum clearance.  You won’t have to worry about hitting the brake caliper with this system.Big Gun EVO

If you are looking for a slip-on exhaust system that will give you everything you need that doesn’t break the bank, then the Big Gun ECO Series is right for you.  The ECO was designed to give your machine performance, power, superior sound and quality craftsmanship.  With this system, you will be able to outperform the stock models without spending the big bucks.Big Gun ECO

We will also be carrying the best  Big Gun Exhaust parts and accessories to customize your system the way you want.  With exhaust inserts, spark arrestors and packing kits, you will not only get your desired performance, but also be able to make your machine legal to ride outside of the closed courses.

Big Gun isn’t all about exhaust, though.  One of the other products that they offer is the Big Gun TFI Power Box.  This device is designed to make your EFI machine just as adjustable as one with a carburetor.  When you enhance the performance of your machine, the TFI Box allows you to easily adjust the fuel intake of your system.  The Box plugs right in to your system and does not default the computers or trip engine lights.  If you are looking to have your machine pull more R’s, then the Big Gun Rev Box is what you need.  The Rev Box is designed to increase your rev limit by about 1000 RPM to give you noticeable horsepower and torque gains.

Big Gun

Another amazing product that Big Gun produces is their Anti Slosh Gas Tank Foam.  The tank foam reduces the sloshing of the fuel in the tank to give you increased handling when your machine is in tight turns, going over bumps, breaking or doing G-outs.  Without the foam, your fuel can feel double its weight while performing those maneuvers.  Because the foam is so porous, it only takes up about 2-3% of the tank volume.  With the increased handling that you could gain from the tank foam, your lap times could be shaved significantly.

Big Gun tank foam

Big Gun Exhaust comes from a legacy of 4-stroke dominance.  The company was founded by 3-time 4-stroke AMA National Champion Mike Young Jr.  Young competed as a 4-stroke professional for six years and remarkably finished either first or second in every National or World championship that he contested in.  As a Honda factory rider, Young dominated on his Works XR628R that was nicknamed the “Big Gun,” which is where the companies name came from.  With Dennis Kirk’s selection of Big Gun exhaust, you can perform at a higher level.


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