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Discover Lightweight Joe Rocket Helmets

Posted on 30 Aug 2013 in Powersports | 0 comments

Helmets may not be the first thing on your mind when you think of Joe Rocket.  They are better known for their jackets, pants and boots.  For these products, they are known for superior protection and being comfortable.  The Joe Rocket apparel has been proven in race situations as well as on the street.  Check out their Tested and Proven section on their website.  The stories of those everyday riders coming out of bad wrecks is all the advertising they need in order to show how well their products will perform in an accident.  Their helmets are also gaining a reputation for their superior quality and performance.

                                                                              Speedmaster Carbon

Joe Rocket HelmetAside from all of the technical aspects of this helmet, something that makes this helmet great is that is just looks amazing.  The deep gel coated finish makes the carbon fiber-look of this helmet stand out among others.  Speaking of carbon fiber, the shell is made from a 4×4 carbon fiber weave, which makes this helmet extremely lightweight.  The weight of a medium sized Speedmaster Carbon is an unbelievable 3lbs 2oz.  While being so light, the safety might be questioned, but you need not worry because this helmet not only meets DOT standards, but SNELL as well.  Unlike many motorcycle helmets, this helmet can boast that it will stay fog free.  This is due to the anti-fog shield and the removable Air-Guide working along with the integrated chin bar intake and exhaust vents.  The Quadport™2.0 ventilation system keeps you cool and dry by pulling the heat and humidity out.  This happens due to the venture effect that is created by the air channeling through the two massive intakes out through the aerodynamic rear exhaust spoiler.  This helmet also has a superior fit for maximum comfort that is sculpted with advanced CAD specifications.  The liner features a fully removable and washable Qwickdry™ interior.

RKT Carbon ProJoe Rocket Helmet

This three-quarter helmet is like the little brother of the Speedmaster Carbon.  If you suffer from neck fatigue and want a lighter helmet but still want more protection than a half helmet, then this is the one for you.  The RKT Carbon Pro weighs in at a very light 2lbs 15oz for a medium sized helmet and still meets or exceeds both DOT and SNELL standards.  For only being a three-quarter, this helmet is surprisingly quiet due to its design.  The CAD designed interior provides a superior fit that will not allow the road noise to enter the helmet.  This helmet also features the Quadport™2.0 ventilation system and Qwickdry™ interior that is shared on the Speedmaster Carbon.  The front intake vents on this helmet are adjustable to control the amount of inbound airflow.

When you are looking for a new helmet, you should definitely consider one from Joe Rocket.  These lightweight helmets are perfect for those who suffer from neck fatigue or just want to experience a lighter helmet.


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