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Motorcycle Memorial Contest – Winners

Posted on 29 Jun 2012 in Powersports | 2 comments

In the Motorcycle Memorial Contest you all told us stories about your motorcycle riding hero. After our picking the finalists and putting a vote to our fans we have our three winners! See what they won and check out their stories below.

Our first place winner is Michael Cuchinelli from Crankton, Louisiana. Michael won the AFX FX-70 Black Flag Beanie Helmet. Here is Michael’s story:

My Air Force Brother

“The other day I read some disturbing news, My Old Air Force Buddy, Michael Brown was killed by a young 21 year old woman that was driving after drinking during the night with friends. Michael was riding his Harley around 6:30 A.M. to meet up with his group of Ham Operators to eat breakfast. The young girl turned left in front of him and he didn’t have time to stop, Michael died a few hours later at the hospital. Mike had served our Country for longer than she has lived and was currently working as a civilian on the Base that he retired from. Mike had in the past went out and bought Christmas presents for children of a friend he knew, a young girl that wasn’t able that year to provide a good Christmas. Mike did that and signed them From Santa and left them on their porch, then later in the day returned with a gift for the parents and they noticed that it was signed with a sharpie pen and in the same hand writing as the Santa presents. That is the kind of person that Mike was, good, kind, generous and willing to help others without any expectations of anything in return. To me that is what a true Hero is and the world has lost a true Hero but Heaven above has gained another kind soul to help look over and protect those that can’t always protect themselves. This isn’t written to win any rewards or prizes, just letting you know that Mike is my hero for being who he had been.”

Our second place winner is Riana Whitehead from Vandalia, Illinois. Riana won a Pro Pad Square Sissy Bar Flag Mount. Here is Riana’s story:

R.I.P. My Brother, My Hero

“My riding hero is my younger brother Evan D. Burns. He was killed in the line of duty on Aug 16, 2011. He was working for the Caruthersville Police Department in Caruthersville, MO. Several years before he was killed he used to live in Illinois close to where I used to work. He would call me up at work and ask if I wanted to go for lunch. Of course I always wanted to. On nice days he would pick me up on his girlfriend’s Harley Davidson motorcycle. I always love being on a bike and Evan did too. Although it was a short ride to and from lunch, I always enjoyed it. He and I found it funny because my co-workers that saw us at lunch would always ask if he was my husband and of course I had to explain that he was my younger brother. As much as Evan loved to ride, he loved being a police officer too. He is and ALWAYS will be my hero in all senses. He was a great man, father, brother, son, cousin, friend, and co-worker that would help anyone, anytime, on or off duty. He would have given the shirt off his back to a total stranger. He was more than just a police officer. He genuinely cared and wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. He fought the forces of evil and paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep the citizens of Caruthersville, MO safe. May he forever ride in Heaven”

Our third place winner is Denny Hudson from Carson City, Nevada. Denny won an Official 2012 Patriot Ride T-shirt. Here is Denny’s story:

My Army Wife

“My hero is my amazing wife Gennie. She spent a total of 8 years in the US Army as an optician based out of San Antonio’s Fort Sam Houston. She had a total of 3 tours during two conflicts in both Afghanistan and Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The one story that she told me of, but doesn’t talk much about what she saw and things that happened while she was there, is about her having to drive a military bus from a hospital back to the base she was stationed at and having an IED explode that sent shrapnel through the drivers side of the bus that just missed her legs by inches and lodged into the bifold doors. She was scared, but continued on without stopping for she was afraid of another attack. She made it through safe, but not so sure sound. I don’t know many people in the military, but I have heard of so many who have served during war time and how much it has affected them inside. I feel for them all and I know that when our service men and women see combat or the effects there after can take an emotional toll on them and I feel my wife is a HERO for her part in the Army and now as a wife and mother. She has spent many hours as a full time state employee, a reservist, a full time student, full time mom and wife and has received a Masters degree thanks to the Yellow Ribbon Program. She is truly amazing and loves to ride. I am so lucky to have her in my life and even more so that when we met and she found out I had a motorcycle, she said ‘well I guess I can’t tell you that you can’t have one, I better learn to ride one’. She took the safety course offered by the Army and got her license. Now I have a hard time keeping her off the bike when I want to ride it. I love her so much and I am blessed to have her as my HERO.”

Thanks to everyone that participated! What did you think of our winner’s stories?



  1. tricia / July 10th, 2012 18:59

    Thank you all for sharing the stories of thes true heroes with us. I’m proud to say I knew one of them..You’ll never be forgetten Evan!

    • Sarah / July 11th, 2012 11:28

      You’re welcome Tricia. We’re glad we could help Riana honor her brother by sharing his story.


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