ATV Parade to Continue as Planned

ATV Parade to Continue as Planned

The flooding in Duluth is national news. Animals are escaping from zoos, homes and buildings are being damaged, cars are falling into sink holes and roads are closed. But the All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Minnesota (ATVAM) won’t let this stand in the way of their latest world record attempt!

In June of 2009 the ATVAM broke the world record for the longest ATV parade. They had 1632 riders out to support them but their record was broken a year later by riders in Utah. This Saturday, June 23rd, they hope to win back the title they worked so hard for three years ago. With all the road closures the event was almost cancelled but MNDOT and parade officials quickly set up detours. In order to break the record they will need to have more than 1870 riders. Organizers of the event currently believe that more than 2000 will attend.

Check out this video of last time they broke the record.

Do you think they will be able to win the record back?

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