Why You Need the Trigger Wireless Accessory Control Kit in your UTV

Why You Need the Trigger Wireless Accessory Control Kit in your UTV

Every group of riders has THAT guy. Their UTV is decked out with all of the latest and greatest accessories. Light bars, spotlights, whip lights, and a speaker system that makes their ride look like something out of one of the Fast and Furious movies. But, as great as they might look on the outside, when you hop in the passenger seat, it’s a different story. You find yourself surrounded with a mess of wires, cords, zip ties and buttons that leave you scared to move,for fear of becoming entangled in the mess. Does this narrative bring a friend to mind? If not, then it might be you! If it is, don’t worry. There is a simple solution on the market. Trigger Wireless Accessory Controllers make installing and controlling your 12 volt accessories easier than ever before.


The Trigger Wireless Accessory Controller

The Basics

Trigger Accessory Control Systems are the best way to wire up all of your favorite lighting accessories. It offers two 30 amp outputs and two 10 amp outputs, and if you find that you need more, simply add a power relay! This combination will cover the vast majority of aftermarket lighting and accessories on the market.

Handy Features

What really makes the Trigger Accessory Control systems unique is the Bluetooth controller.  It is battery powered, which makes for an easy install and clean look.  There are no wires from the controller to the unit. And we all know that when you have a lot of accessories wired up to your dash, the inside of your UTV can start to look cluttered and sloppy. The controller will completely eliminate that problem. It’s held in place with strong neodymium magnets, and can be removed from its mount.  It can even be used from up to 40 feet away!

There are other reasons why this system is so special as well. For one, the entire system is fully waterproof, meaning that all of you hardcore mudders out there have nothing to worry about.  Next is that the whole system only requires three wire: ground, switched positive and battery positive.

There’s an App for That

Given the way we live here in the 21st century, would you really be surprised if we told you there was an app for this? The Trigger Accessory Control System has an accompanying app that can be installed on you’re Android or IPhone and enables you to control your lights from your mobile device! Not only that, it even offers extra features like strobe lights and dimming. The app alone makes the Trigger Accessory Control System one of a kind.


Installing Your Trigger Wireless Controller System

We’ve pointed out the aesthetic and performance advantages of a Bluetooth controller system, but it also makes installation quicker and easier than ever before. You won’t have to run any wires through your firewall to your dash, saving you time and effort. The control module can be mounted right next to your battery and connected with just three wires. Then, all you need to do is put the batteries in your remote, sync it to the control module, and mount it on your dash. The entire install shouldn’t take more than an hour.


Whip lights and light bars might look awesome, but it comes at the expense of your dash when all of your accessories are wired separately. Can you get by without a wireless control system? Of course. This, like any other aftermarket accessory, is optional. But, if you are going to invest in your UTV with all of the latest and greatest accessories, you should hook them up right with the Trigger Wireless  Controller System. If you have any questions about the system, or tips for prospective customers, leave it in the comments below! We’d love to hear your input. Thank you for reading.

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