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Is it a Motorcycle? Is it a Car? No, it’s a “Stallion”!

Posted on 12 Sep 2012 in Cruiser-Motorcycles, Trikes | 8 comments

On a recent trip to Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota I came across an unusual looking bike. In fact, I wasn’t sure it was classed as a motorcycle or a car. The rear looked like that of a car, featuring two wheels, a trunk and a car lighting configuration. As I looked at the interior, while it was open like a trike, it featured a car steering wheel. The front was neither a car or a motorcycle style, it looked more like a futurist kind of spacecraft.

After chatting with the owner for a short while it became clear as to what I was feasting my eyes on. It was a “Stallion”, manufactured by Thoroughbred Motorsports. The vehicle is classed as a trike and is about as comfortable as you can get for a motorcycle, complete with 5 speed auto transmission, pedal controls, air conditioning in front and rear, a Ford 2.3 litre engine giving 143 horsepower, this might be just the machine for those looking to stay comfortable on longer rides.

Complete details and more photos can be seen on their website at

Tell us what you think about this out-of-the-ordinary “trike” in the comments below.



  1. Angelika / September 13th, 2012 22:49

    I would ride this vehicle. It looks good and safe.

    • Sam / September 14th, 2012 8:29

      I agree looks very safe and comfortable…

  2. Tony Hernandez / September 14th, 2012 1:48

    Does this thing carry the Walters Automatic transmission for motorcycles?

    • Sam / September 14th, 2012 8:30

      Tony, we don’t have much more information that written on their website at: i’d drop a note to them and see what they have to say. Thanks for reading!

  3. Lyall Smith / September 14th, 2012 18:13

    I’m the owner of a 2009 Stallion.

    Mechanically, it’s a Ford Ranger pickup; 2.3L Ford, Ford 5sp Automatic, Ford rear end. All warranty and service work done at a Ford dealer. Actually has a VIN that is recognized by Ford. Same power to weight ratio as a Mustang GT.

    Drives very much like a sports car and VERY stable at 35 or 135.

  4. john / May 10th, 2015 21:22

    So, my question is: Is it insured as a motorcycle or a car because of the ford rear end?

  5. Richard Rock / June 7th, 2015 21:08

    well? is it ???? —- insured as a motorcycle or a car??? cause of its ford rear end ??.-( you don`t show much of its interior, ) THAT`S OK I WILL SEE FOR MY SELF. HERE IN UPPER MI.

  6. Bob / June 21st, 2015 15:43

    Oregon here. We license 3 wheels as a motorcycle. Check with your insurance agent.


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