1987 Harley Davidson FXSTC

What was your intended objective when you started the build?

Complete restoration incorporating some mods Roddy had implemented, but rolling her back to as near factory condition as I could.

What motivated you to start your project?

The bike belonged to my cousin Roddy McKenzie who passed away on a ride with me on my birthday August 12, 2015 short of the tail of the dragon. Although he died on his Street Glide it was from a heart attack not his riding ability. He never married and never had children. Not much was left after his passing except for his 1987 Softail. The bike hasn’t ran in years and was rusted beyond belief and even the engine had mud dauber nests and snake skins in the breather holes.

What was the most unique and creative thing you did to the bike?

I like the addition of the CVO emblems I installed on the tank. In 87 they used decals on the tanks, but I felt with the screaming eagle heads sitting right underneath the tank it just had to have those emblems. Extremely rare and hard to find. Only found on FLHXSE back in the day.

What are you most proud of?

Roddy took the original seat off the motorcycle when he acquired it and shoved it in a closet. This piece is a survivor as it is next to impossible to find a button tuft seat with “Softail” embossed on it. I was also able to salvage his original “Harley Davidson” belt guard. It was rusted to the point I didn’t think I could bring it back. Lastly the primary housing is VERY rare. They only made that piece for about a year and a half and changed the design again. You won’t find them anywhere. This one had some damage to it, but luckily a welder was able to fix it perfectly and I was able to use it.

What do other people say about your motorcycle?

People that don’t ride often think it’s a new motorcycle, but they are literally blown over when I tell them it’s 33 years old.

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