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Zox Helmets

New ZOX Motorcycle Helmets & Accessories

After barely more than a decade, ZOX Helmets has quickly become a leader in motorcycle helmets. Built on the core values of providing consumers with a comfortable and safe helmet at an affordable price, they’ve expanded to manufacture helmets for all manner of street, dirt and snow adventurers. While ZOX produces some of the best full-face and modular helmets on the market, they also recognize that some riders want to go old-school. At Dennis Kirk, we have ZOX half helmets with retro designs for Harley, metric cruiser and scooter riders who want the feel the rush of air on the open road.

The classic half helmet look is the go-to vintage riding image, and remains a staple of biker groups and traditionalists. ZOX half helmets are built to the same standards as their full-face lids, meeting or exceeding all current DOT safety certifications. Chopper riders will love the ZOX Retro Old School Helmet, made with an advanced fiberglass composite shell and EPS liner system for a good and comfortable fit. The Mikro Old School Helmet steps it up by adding Kevlar and carbon to the shell along with a quick-release chin strap. And cruiser enthusiasts will feel right at home in the ZOX Roadster DDV Helmet, with a thermoplastic resin shell and dark smoke shield to protect your eyes from debris.

Each lightweight ZOX helmet comes in six different sizes and multiple colors to fit your noggin and personal style. You can order a number of helmet accessories as well, including replacement smoke shields, cheek pads, helmet liners and ear protectors. There’s no feeling quite like the wind in your face as you roar down the highway, and with ZOX half helmets, you can get that same feeling at a surprisingly low price. We’ll ship your new helmet the day you order it, and if it turns out you need a different size, exchange it easily thanks to our no-hassle returns.