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No rider ever wants to be stuck on the sidelines – which is why you need a battery that will start your ride the first time every time. For nearly 40 years, Yuasa Battery has been producing state-of-the-art small engine batteries that provide the power your motor needs to crank on command. As the largest American manufacturer of powersport batteries, Yuasa is the OEM supplier for many of the world’s top motorcycle, snowmobile and ATV brands, and continues to push the boundaries of innovation.

Our selection of Yuasa batteries is designed to generate more power and outlast the competition while requiring almost no maintenance. The Yuasa Conventional Battery is the motorcycle industry standard and will perform in any weather and on any surface. This workhorse lead-antimony battery has patented separators to increase cranking power, with construction and sealing that resists corrosion and holds up against impacts. Six-volt and 12-volt conventional batteries are available for dependable performance at a great price.

If you have a high-compression or custom engine, Yuasa has a battery for you as well. The Yuasa YuMicron battery has two additional plates per cell, boosting cranking power by 30 percent compared to a conventional battery. YuMicron CX batteries up the game with lead calcium technology, which further increases cranking power and holds a charge three times longer than lead-antimony batteries for immediate starting after a season in storage. And Yuasa AGM batteries use absorbed glass mat water retention technology that makes them virtually maintenance-free.

Locating the right Yuasa replacement battery for your ride is easy when you enter its year, make and model into our Find Parts Fast tool. And if you – or more likely a friend – ever need a charging hand, you can order Yuasa battery chargers and jumper cables. Our same-day shipping gets your new battery into your hands quickly, and we offer no-hassle returns in case you end up needing a different size or cranking amperage.