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Woodys Ultra Series Carbide Wear Rods

  • Part #: 031600
  • Manufacturer Part #: UCA-5000
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Overview of Woodys Ultra Series Carbide Wear Rods

  • A full range of carbide wear rod choices for the casual trail rider to the serious rider with a heavily studded track and even for Sno-Cross competition
  • Carbide types prevent the rear of higher horsepower performance machines from pushing the front, especially on icy trails
  • Rears are angle-cut for easier unloading and backing up
  • Ten inches of 60º turning carbide
  • Hefty 5/8 in. diameter host rod and 3/8 in. studs
  • Sold in pairs
  • Fastening nuts included

NOTE: Some models require drilling extra holes in skis to mount carbides. Dennis Kirk recommends removing any paint from the studs before use by wire-brushing

NOTE: Fits the following C &A Pro Skis:
Race, Trail, Advantage ADX, Advantage X, Mountain, Pro Ultra XT, Razor RZ, Sport II Advantage, Ultra Pro XT, Extreme XT

NOTE: Fits ALL Ultra III/Ultra Flex by Plastic Specialties

Length/Diameter: 18 in./5/8 in.
Stud Diameter/Length: 3/8 in./1-7/8 in.
Number of Studs: 4
Stud Center Mounting Distance From:
Front to 1st: 2 in.
1st to 2nd: 4 in.
2nd to 3rd: 6-3/4 in.
3rd to 4th: 4-1/2 in.
4th to End: 1 in.


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Instructions and Media for Woodys Ultra Series Carbide Wear Rods

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Video Tech Tip: Selecting Studs for your Sled Instructional Video 1:44
Video Tech Tip: How to Increase Traction - Installing Snowmobile Studs Instructional Video 3:43
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