When you climb aboard your bike, you’re completely dependent on the handlebars for control and operations, and you should demand the best in every bar. Wild 1 Inc. knows from experience that when it comes to handlebars, you get what you pay for, and settling for a cheap, inferior product will only cost you more in the long run. That’s why Wild 1 bars are developed and crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail for a long-lasting, comfortable handlebar. At Dennis Kirk, we carry authentic Wild 1 Inc. handlebars your custom ride, including quality ape hangers, beach bars, pullback drag bars, street fighter bars and many others.

Wild 1 Chubbys and Psycho Chubbys are simply the highest-quality custom handlebar on the road today. Each handlebar is constructed by sliding and welding sections of 1 ¼-inch steel tubing over the main 1-inch bar tubing for maximum strength. Precise fluid bends provide a comfortable riding position and a great custom look. And unlike shoddy competitors, Wild 1 Chubby bars are diamond knurled with machined wiring holes for greatly increased durability. Polished welds and unsurpassed finishes add stunning flair to their unmatched function. Whether you run a touring model, Bobber, Bagger, Springer Softail, or Sportster, there’s a Wild 1 bar for you. They even offer metric bars for Hondas, Kawasaki’s and other cruisers.

Plenty of manufacturers and distributors have marketed knock-off versions of Wild 1 handlebars – or worse, stamped the Chubby® name onto their inferior products. But at Dennis Kirk, we only sell genuine Wild 1 bars, because we know as much as they do where subpar quality will get you. And for additional customization options, we also offer Wild1 risers, handlebar clamps and adapters. Contact our Tech Team for expert assistance seven days a week on choosing the right custom handlebars for your bike. All Wild 1 bars quality for free shipping, and are ready to send today so you can start reaping the benefits of superior control, durability and style.